Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I couldn't help myself.....

The idea of having circles as large as 12" in diameter was more than I could bear.....
Cricut came out with it's Expressions machine not even a year after the orginal Cricut launch. It has 12" capabilities, as opposed to the 6" restirctions the original machine provided. Not enough to make the average scrapbooker justify buying a new $500.00 machine, especially when the plastic was still on the LCD screens of their original Cricuts. Including me. I won't be purchasing the Expressions machine. It's just too much money for not too many more options. I imagine most of you will feel the same.
Members rejoice! Sheep River Scrapbook Co. is NOT your average scrapbook store (well, I like to think so!). And now 12" circles (and all the extra-large die cuts you can handle) are just a push of the button away...... So, when our projects call for BIG elements that our original Cricut machines can't handle.... you'll find me "Cricutting" at the store because,
Cricut Expressions is now available in our workshop!
We will still offer the Cricut & Cricut Expressions FREE to members who provide their own mats. New larger sized mats are available in-store NOW.
Sheep River Scrapbook Co. is excited to offer the Cricut Expressions to our members for FREE unlike other stores which cost up to $2.00 per use. However, we ask that you please ask for any assistance with the machine & take a "Crash Course" in "Cricutting" before use.