Tuesday, December 30, 2008

If you can't say anything nice...

...then don't say anything at all. Please.
To whomever is writing mean comments on the blog, please stop. Or at least stop posting them anonymously.You don't have to read my blog. You don't have to shop at my store. And I feel silly for even having to write this.

Monday, December 29, 2008

I'm so excited....

...and I just can't hide it.
The Slice Personal Cordless Cutter arrived in our store today.
So, naturally I took one home to have a play. I love it.
The downside is definitely the adhesive. It is mildy annoying. And I would recommend buying the large glass mat (it's just easier) But this thing is small (easy to take to a crop!), and super easy to use. And it's cordless (rechargeable batteries) so you don't have to be next to a plug in. Plus you get a lot on the cartridges that are only $45. (Much better than Cricut).
For more on this cool new machine check out whyslice.com
or pick it up in store for
$169.99 but only until January 5th
after that it's regular price ($199.99)

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Kim so sweetly (or not) pointed out that it has been a month since I last updated my blog. What can I say? I've been busy. You should check out the last couple classes we have before Christmas. They're good. Sign up. You won't be sorry.
Last night I taught a class. Full House! And I had a great time. It was nice to see some ladies that I hadn't seen for a while (Lori, Angie, Tara & Karen).
So here I am updating my blog. And I have nothing to say. So I am taking this "assignment" that Kim gave me. All of the things I have done are in bold. We might just have some things in common.
100 Things To Do (the First 50).
1. Start Your Own Blog
2. Sleep Under The Stars
3. Play in a School Band
(The flute. I hated it.)
4. Visit Hawaii
5.Watch a Meteor Shower
6. Give more than you can afford to a charity.
7. Go to Disneyland
(Three times and counting. I love Disneyland!)
8. Climb a Mountain
(I was a climber when I was younger. And we hike a bit now too!)
9. Held a praying Mantis
(No. But I am giving myself this one becuase I've licked the bum of an ant. Long story.)
10. Sang a solo
11. Bungee Jumped
12. Visited Paris
(France yes. Paris no.)
13. Watched a lighting storm at sea
14. Teach yourself and art from scratch
15. Adopted a child
(Sabina Nessie. My Cabbage Patch! Thanks Kim!)
16. Had food poisoning
(No matter how hungry you are, microwaving a three day old sub is a BAD idea)
17. Gone to top of Statue of Liberty
18. Grown your own vegetables
(Tomatoes! And herbs every year.)
19. See the Mona Lisa
20. Sleep on an overnight train
21. Pillow fight
22. Hitch hike
(Shhhh. Don't tell my mom!)
23. Take a sick day when you're not sick
(Shhhh. Don't tell myslef.)
24. Build a snow fort
(Winter. 1996. KJ. Mellie. Jenna. Paul. Kerray & I. Best fort ever built. IN THE WORLD.)
25. Hold a lamb
26. Go skinny dipping
(This summer. And every summer with my hubby at the cabin. And several less worthy boys before him..... say what you will.)
27. Run a marathon
(I'm running a 5kn race this weekend. So by 2050 I should be marathon ready!)
28. Ride a gondola in Venice
(I'm giving myself this one too, becuase I've done it in the Swiss Alps. Even better.)
29. See a total eclipse
30. Watch sunrise & set
(Turtle Lake Sask. I love you)
31. Hit a home run
32. Go on a cruise
33. See Niagara Falls
34. Visit the birthplace of your ancestors
35. Visit an Amish community
36. Learn a new language
(Bisa bichara Bahasa Indonesian. Sedikit saja. Bet you didn't know that!)
37. Have enough money to be Satisfied
38. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa
39. Go rock climbing
(I was on a team. I was! And one year I was even MVP. I regret getting out of that. I really enjoyed it.)
40. See Michelangelos's "David"
41. Sing Karaoke
(If you happened to be at BoDiddlys in Red Deer in 2001 then you might have witness the most pathetic "Back In The Saddle" you've ever heard.)
42. See the Old Faithful geyser Erupt
(I remember waiting for this to happen when I was a kid. And I was soooo bored and my dad was so excited and kept saying "Any minute now....just you wait! This si going to be awesome!" I thought he was so lame. And then it happened. And he was right.)
43. Buy a stranger a meal
44. Visit Africa
45. Walk on a beach in the moonlight
(not so much walked on, as "made-out" on)
46. Be transported in an Ambulance
47. Have your portrait painted
(By a cartoonist???)
48. Go deep sea fishing.
49. See the Sistine Chapel
50. See the Eiffel Tower.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Got Classes?

We totally do. Here is a preview of a few up & comings...

Accordion Tag Album with Susan Tutt.
(pictured above)
Susan is new to our store this month! Lots of her work has been published so we are lucky to have her in our workshop! Sign up for this great little project on Wednesday, November 19th. The Class Fee is $12 (for members) and the Kit Fee is approx. $13.

"Little Reminder" Station with Michelle Gier
(pictured above)
This is adorable. And it makes an excellent teachers or caregivers gift (Christmas is coming!).
Class Fee is $5 and Kit Fee is approx. $8

" Christmas Peekaboo Mini Album" With Michelle Gier
(pictured above)
A perfect place to tuck away all of those Christmas photos. (Michelle's features pictures of her daughter's Christmas recital). This chipboard & acrylic is adorable & could be a brag book for Grandma! Give it full or pictures or leave it to be filled.
Class Fee $10 & Kit Fee approx. $20

My Little Pumpkin

We had such a great first Halloween. A little trick-or-treating, a little pumpkin carving & a little napping! Watch for lots of layouts to come!


... not everyone appreciates a hand-made card.

Don't get me wrong. I do. I appreciate a hand-made card. But you'll slave away at them this year, and send them to a handful of people, who just don't. They just don't. So instead of spending $6 on a handmade card, give them the digital version. It still has your own personal touch, but isn't nearly as expensive or time consuming. I am sending 15 of them. And then 20 hand made cards. I've made my list, and checked it twice.
It's time for you to do the same and sign up for our Digital Christmas Card Class on Thursday November 6th. Bring a Laptop & get creative!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


(doudle-click to enlarge sale flyer)

I love a good sale. And I think this is a good one.
Now until October 31st.

Monday, October 27, 2008

This Just In...

The new Christmas line from Basic Grey, Wassail is now in-store!.
It's time to start thinking about your Christmas Cards....
Get it soon, it WON'T last long!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

For Sticker Lovers!

We're now carrying a larger selection of Jolee's Boutique for those of you who are sticker fans. Come check out the newest Halloween & Christmas stickers, as well as lots of others!

Just Fab.

This weekend was the first weekend I travelled with my Clip-It-Up. Well Hot Damn! It was easy as pie. Becuase of this, I used up some OLD OLD stuff that I have had for like, 5 years. The cool thing about the Clip-It-Up is that you can see all of your embellishments. Now if only they could figure out how to do the same thing for patterned paper! I am glad I splurged on this. I love it.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I had a great weekend scrapbooking and laughing (as Kim modelled this Clip-It-Up Storage bag) at the Blairmore retreat that our store set up at. There's nothing better than good eats, great gals (Kim, Tara, Rhea, Christy, Kaly & Kasey!) and lots of layouts (I did 21!). If you haven't have any quality "me time" in a while, our next crop is Saturday, October 25th. Hope to see you there!

Fancy That!

I am in love with Fancy Pants. In love. (For the moment). And because I am suppose to be working on my Christmas album, this Happy Holidays paper couldn't come at a better time. I love it. I love their paper, their cie-cuts and of course their overlays. Did I mention this paper is double-sided? Love it.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Um, adorable.

So, these are the funniest things I have seen in a while. I love them. Right? Adorable. So, I am totally going to take a close-up of miles and use them on a layout. Is it just me? These rock right?

Love, love, love it.

The new Christmas line from BoBunny Believe is here. It's so pretty. So pretty. Pictured above are the cut outs, but if you're totally a lazy scapbooker (like me) you'll love the stickers that match the double-sided paper. Beautiful, non?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Progress Report

I'm having FUN scrapbooking today. Fun. It's refreshing. And I am pulling out all the stops. The first things I went for today was my collection of rarely used Paint Dabbers from Ranger. I'd forgotten how much I love these things. Easy to use, no mess. Doesn't get any better that this.
ooooooooh miles by Haley Ross
(double click to enlarge)
This is not my regular scrapbooking style. Maybe thats why its so fun. It was simple & random. And for once, I didn't have to pre-plan it. I just built it as I went. I like it. Why don't I do this more often?

Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Paint: Ranger; Buttons: My Minds Eye & Autumn Leaves; Patterned Paper: K&Co.; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer; Other: Hemp & pebeo 3d puff paint

Silly, Serious, Sweet Miles by Haley Ross

(double-click to enlarge)

Aren't these funny pictures? I took them one afternoon while we were hanging out in bed (one of my favourite things to do). All of these diffrerent moods were captured in a matter of minutes. He cracks me up. I finally used some of the Love Elsie stuff from ki Memories. It's hard to use. Her style belongs in her books, not mine. I also did some flocking (I am getting addicted to flocking...) on the heart. And more puff paint. I am just a multi-media gal today!

Materials: Patterned & Fabric Paper: ki Memories & making memories; Die Cut Strips: Doodlebug; Paint: Heidi Swapp; Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts; Ghost Heart: Heidi Swapp; Flocking: Doodlebug; Staples: making memories; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer; Other: pebeo 3d puff paint


Today didn't start off that great.
The dog got into the garbage. Twice. We couldn't open the store today because there was a mountain of concrete in front of the door. And on my way back from Starbucks there was a teenager lying on the ground unconscious. I called 911. All that before 11am.
Then I heard that a family friend who has Breast Cancer is not doing well.
I just felt crappy.
Luckily, I knew how to cure my blues.

Listen to a little Oasis. Loud.
Drink a grape slurpee. Fast, but not too fast.

Lock myself away & Scrapbook. Long & Hard.
I've been at it since 2:30. And I'm starting to feel better.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Buying Time.

There are some lessons I've learned since becoming a mom that are invaluable.
My favourite so far is this:
You CAN buy time to scrapbook.
It costs $9.99

Miles loves this DVD (a gift from Christy & Cindy! Thanks!). In fact, it was me who got sick of it. So I went and bought a different Baby Einstein DVD and we're back in business! Go ahead, Judge me, but the 30minutes that I get from plunking Miles down to "watch TV" allow me to scrapbook & keep me sane. And sanity is a good thing.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Just thought I'd share....

We went to Ethel Tucker Park today to take a family picture. I think it turned out pretty well. I am excited to get scrapbooking...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday, September 29, 2008

Don't forget...

Members! Don't forget that you have until Wednesday to use those coupons!


Have you ever been working on a layout and then all of the sudden _________.
You stop. I call it Scrappers Block. And I have it BIG TIME.
I can't seem to finish this layout. And I've gone too far to start over. I was thinking it need something on the left side. Any suggestions? Pleeeease.

Layouts 031,032,033

Friend By Haley Ross
(double-click to enlarge)
I'm torn. I think this layout might be a but too simple. But I really liked the photos and the paper, so sometimes I feel less is more.... hmmm.
Old Stock? The paper and big red ribbon.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: Basic Grey; Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer; Other: Ribbon from a gift I recieved.
Read By Haley Ross
(double-click to enlarge)
Again, I am wondering if I am headed in a direction that is TOO SIMPLE. Maybe the style just takes a little getting use to. I like these photos, I see such a little boy in Miles. And he is looking right at the books, which I love.
Old Stock? The brown plastic letters. They are sooo old. Like, 4 years old. I was happy to use them up.

Materials: Patterned Paper: Basic Grey; Cardstock: Worldwin; Punches: Stampin' Up; Letters: ki memories; Buttons: Autumn Leaves; Pencil Crayons: Heidi Swapp; Cherish Stamp: Heidi Swapp; Ink: StazOn

Egor by Haley Ross

(double-click to enlarge)

So cute right? I love this layout. It is my favourite of the three I did. I took it from the Donna Downey book Photo First. I love it.

Old Stock? The fabric tabs & the patterned paper.

Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: Basic Grey; Fabric Tabs: Scrapworks; Alphabet Stickers: Thickers by American Crafts


I've taken over the kitchen! But I am having so much fun working on this K&Co. Autumn Wreath. And my goal today is to finish (I'm not so sure that is Miles' goal....)
I'm excited to have it hanging on my front door when everyone arrives this Thanksgiving.
Tip: Use spray adhesive. So much easier!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I LOVE being a mom...

I love it.
A little update for those of you I don't see that often:
Miles is doing great. He is such a good baby. Eats well and sleeps well. I am so lucky. He is teething at 3 and a half months! His hand is always in his mouth and this boy can drool! He likes watching Koho (our cat) and Baby Einstein. He just got a new toy box from his Great Granny Ruth that was hers when she was little. It is over 80 years old! We are going for walks almost everyday and he must LOVE fresh air because he sleeps, well, like a baby.
I've been scrapbooking as much as possible. There's so much to do.... I am trying hard to make sure I still love it, and don't let it become a chore. I am looking forward to a scrapbooking retreat I am headed to in October. I asked my friend Kim if she wanted to get together and pre-plan come pages. She already had. Jerk. But that's my goal. To be pre-planned and then super efficient. Fingers crossed.

Friday, September 26, 2008


If you're looking for a new album NOW is the time to stop by and check out dozens of new albums from Colorbok. So many. So cute.
My fav? The box album (Pictured above in robins egg). It's just such a cool concept.

New New New!

Lots of great new products from K&Co. have arrived. Here's my 2 cents...
About time.
I love the remake papers. Great cardstock. Great price. And it's 100% recycled. And chipboard letters to match.

I am so excited for Halloween this year (because I have my own little pumpkin). The papers in this line are to die for. They are glittery, shimmery & so crisp.

Thankgiving paper. I don't think I have ever seen thanksgiving paper that wasn't decked with cheesy looking Turkeys. I am so into this.

Now Selling!

Sheep River Scrapbook Co. is now carrying Monday Night Class Kits.
The newest kits will be available for the first-time at our Crop this evening! If you love aren't already addicted to these fabulous kits, give them a try. Fabulous double-page layouts from $20. Stop by the store to pick up one today!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am addicted to Thickers.
Today while I was in the store, a gal asked me why magazines rarely feature layouts with Cricut titles but jam packed with Thickers.
Obviously I love my Cricut. I love it.
But this got me thinking.... if I have this wonderful machine at my disposal, allowing me to cut as many letters as I want, then why, WHY am I addicted to Thickers?
I know why.
1. They have dimension.
2. They have texture.
3. They are easy.
I scrapbooked three layouts tonight (woohoo!). And two of them have thickers. And because I am into "simple scrapbooking" I have been using less embellishments than ever before. So, Thickers are my replacement. I love them. Dimension. Texture. Easy.
That is why I am adidicted to Thickers.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


On September 25th (Thursday at 6:30pm) you can make your own Bucket List!
In case you don't already know, a Bucket List is a list of things you'd like to do before you "kick the bucket". This great mini album (complete with tin bucket front!) is filled with your Top 12. Since I fully intend on sitting in on this class, I've been working on making my list. Here's what I have got so far (in no particular order):
Travel through Egypt
My husband has done this and it makes me green with envy.
Learn to Kayak
Just because.
Watch the winter Olympics live (especially Hockey & Bobsled).
Tickets for Vancouver 2010 go on sale October 3rd, so I might just get my chance!
Become a Sommelier
I've looked into it. Just need that chunk of time.
Go back to Indonesia with Brian & Miles.
I really want them to understand where I grew up.
Live In San Francisco
Even just for a year. I love it there.
Start thinking of your bucket list today! And when you complete the items on your list, there is a space for you to insert your photos. This is going to be a great class!

I Love Basic Grey

Who doesn't? But I really love the new line Offbeat. The stickers (above), buttons & chipboard are a perfect compliment to the fabulous patternend paper. I am so excited to use this paper for some layouts in Miles' baby album.
Also check out Eva (a little girlier).

Something for everyone...

There are some great books in store right now, a little something for everyone...
This is a great books packed with cute mini albums. If you like to scrapbook everything from your morning cup of coffee to your favourite quotes, then this book is for you. I've always liked Ali Edwards approach to scrapbooking with lots of great patterned papers.

If you're looking to put a little more passion into your pages, I reccomend this book. There's a real emphasis on family values. It's a gooder.

I mentioned this book a while back (and it's finally back in-stock). I just love it. It's like a new & improved version of Becky Higgins sketches & is JUST PERFECT for my new "simple" approach to scrapbooking.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It's that time of year, when the new products start to flood in...

Come in & check out products from

making memories

Cosmo Cricut

Daisy Bucket

and many more! And we're using a lot of these great new products in our new classes (check them out at http://www.sheepriverscrapbookco.com/). Watch for Sneek-a-peeks to appear on our blog soon! Plus, sign up now for Monday Night Class on Tuesday Night. Check out their fabulous kits at MondayNightClass.ca. We are so excited to have this up & coming Canadian company be a part of our new fall line-up!