Tuesday, September 29, 2009


To anyone who tried to stop by the store today...
I came to work this morning, but didnt make it much past noon. I have been pretty sick with this baby, so we headed to urgent care for some Saline & Gravol (a miracle mix?). I'm feeling better now, and will pad the schedule with extra morning staff for the next couple of weeks until this (hopefully) blows over. Thanks for understanding. Sorry for the lack of notice.

I need this.
Actually I need this, the blades & the mat. So if anyone know of a Creative Memories rep. that can hook me up, I'd appreciate it. I've lost mine. I held out buying a new one, hoping it would resurface, but... no luck. Please just post your contact info. in the comment section.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Weekend To Unwind!

(Double-click flyer to enlarge)
Great News!

We have figured out how to move some furniture & fit in a couple more spaces for our Weekend to Unwind. This means we have ONE weekend pass available, and two additional spaces in each of the Saturday classes.
The Friday Night Cocktail Party still has close to 20 tickets available! Come down and spend an evening sipping martinis, sampling Crave cupcakes, Shopping great in-store deals, Sneaking a peek at the 2 newest My Minds Eye lines (which we will have newly in-store!) and (saving the best for last) a mini class make&take with Trisha Ladouceur from My Minds Eye!
Tickets are $15 per person.
(Drinks and a Make&Take included!)

Cute Stuff!

People with boys (and girls too) are always asking me for "train stuff". So when I saw this cute line from Reminisce, I had to order it. And it's here now, and too cute. I am wishing I would have taken pictures of Miles when we were at my friend Tara's house. Miles pulled every train and rail off of Jack's (Tara's son) Thomas The Tank Engine table. Jack was so terrified of my little wrecking ball that he crouched, frozen with horror, peaking out from behind the couch. Funniest reaction I have every seen a kid have!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

I'm not a religious gal...

But I did let out one big ol' Hallelujah today.
After 4 months (4 months!!!) of being in the shop, my camera is fixed. And home, safe & sound, where it belongs. I cannot wait until the weekend so get up close & personal with it once again. Which got me thinking... my camera has no name. Any suggestions? (It's a boy!)
This also mean I can post pictures of all the layouts I've done over the summer. Not a lot, but a few. Praise the lord!


I'm getting to know the UPS guy pretty well these days. Feels good, I love having new friends!

I just unpacked the Rough & Tough from Fancy Pants. Um, it's adorable. I love it. I am soo scrapbooking tonight.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


New Expressions (above) Rub-On phrases & Headlines (below) sticker titles arrived today!
In true Doodlebug style, they are super cute-sy & simple as pie. There are so many to choose from & they are budget priced for the savvy spender!


This cute Autumn line from Reminisce arrived today! Cute right? Of course the little deer paper (below) is my favourite. There's cute squirrels, acorns & lots of other adorable patterned paper. And then stickers to match (tags, alphabets, animals!)

For some reason I cant stop thinking about this (thought it might make you smile):
A couple days ago I was running into a big box store (Ok, fine, it was Micheals, but I was there with a purpose). The parking lot was dead so I parked waaaay out in the middle of the lot, no cars anywhere near me.
When I came back, a mini van had pulled right up next to me. I always think that's so weird. There are a million spots & you park right next to someone. But it doesn't make me mad, I just think it's weird.
So I'm struggling to get Miles into his car seat because I cant open my door too much or I'll hit this van. And as I am putting him in the owner of the van walks up to her vehicle and says
" Ummmmm, excuuuse me, I need to get into my van."
Her tone of voice was not nice & it surprised me. When I looked up I saw she was holding a little girl and I thought "Oh, she's having a bad day."
So I hate confrontation. I hate it. But I have Miles 1/2 way into his seat so I said "Sure, just one sec, I am putting my baby into his car seat." And I said it real sweet (because, I hate confrontation).
At which point she made this noise
And opened her front passenger door and climbed over each seat until she got to the very back of her car!!!!! Making that noise the whole time! I squished into the driver seat of my car and looked over. She was hanging over the seat glaring at me. And I BURST out laughing. Like, she looked ridiculous. So stupid. And she was maaad at me.
Laughed all the way home.
(Quick poll: If you're putting your child into his car seat, it IS rude for someone to ask you to move right? I mean, if you were there first?)

Monday, September 21, 2009


If you click on the class link (to your left) you'll be able to enlarge our class schedule for October/November 2009. (Yes, I fixed it, so you can now enlarge the files!) I'll be posting more sneak peaks of the class projects as well as Weekend to Unwind projects as I receive them.
Brian & I will be at the store tomorrow trying to figure out how we can possibly seat a couple more people in our Weekend To Unwind, for now, most of the classes are SOLD OUT!
If you'd like to sign up call 403.938.2391 to see what's available.
There is still plenty of room in our Friday Night Cocktail Party where you'll do a Mini Class with Trisha Ladouceur our My Minds Eye endorsed educator! Plus take advantage of in-store specials, indulge in Crave Cupcakes & sip on a Cocktail (or Mocktail!) Tickets are just $15!

Sneak Peak "Page Maps Concept"

You'll be creating 3 double-page layouts in the Page Maps Concept Class with Kimberly Collis. Above I've posted a sneak peek of one of the pages you'll do using new Basic Grey products, rhinestones, Thickers & more. You can choose your own title for this project (and both others) so you're sure to leave happy!
October 15th at 6:30pm
Sign up & purchase the Page Maps book for $5 0ff!
Call 403.938.2391

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Its hard to wrap your head around Christmas, especially when it's 26 degrees out. But here it is, starting to arrive already! Making Memories new line Mistletoe arrived this morning, which is totally traditional & has super-cute double-sided paper. And, like they usually do, mm created gorgeous embellishments to match. So, if you're looking to beat the heat, maybe start with a little Christmas paper???

(seriously cute, non?)

This just in...

Cute new company Bella Blvd. had some paper that was so adorable I couldn't say no. Three new lines just arrived today, say hello to Super Stud (their cute robot print is pictured above), Plastino (below) & Camped Out (um, love it!) (Bottom).

If you need a paper-fix or are looking for some retail therapy, this is my #1 recommendation (well, for now).

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

This Sucks.

Don’t get me wrong, I am impressed by the miracle of life. But pregnancy + me = not so much. I hate being pregnant. Besides the anticipation of the baby’s arrival, there’s nothing I love. So if you love being pregnant, I am happy for you. I really am. Jealous even. But if you don’t…. then here are:

10 Reasons why Being Pregnant Sucks.
(I am going to limit myself to just 10)

1. No unpasteurized Cheese. May not seem like a big deal to some, but when our Wine Club meets every month, the only thing to get me through the tortuous evening is the cheese. And I like the soft unpasteurized kind the best.
2. Ugly maternity clothes. Nicole Richie came out with maternity wear! I was so excited; she is one helluva cute pregnant lady. So I logged on to shop. But unless you live in L.A. where the weather is balmy, you’ll be like me, stuck shopping at UGLY maternity stores where they attach FRILLS, FLOWERS and BUTTONS to everything. Blech. And even in the cutest clothes, I look like a walking pear.
3. Empty hands. These hands like holding a glass of wine at a party, in front of the tv, during dinner…. Let’s just say I likes me some red wine. My hands are lonely.
4. Fat hands. I hate not being able to wear my wedding rings which prove I have someone at home who loves this beastly, waddling walrus.
5. I can’t dance. Not even at home, alone, while watching So You Think You Can Dance. (Not that I do that……). My coordination is gone. Instead I likely resemble a Bozo the Clown Bop Bag when I dance.
6. My skin. Breakouts make me think of Jr. High School. Which makes me feel insecure again (why is everyone staring at me?). That makes me puke. Even more than I already do.
7. Barfing is “the norm”. Barfing should not be "the norm"! In the past, throwing up (my mom says that is the most polite term…) only ever happened after a good night out (sorry, but true). Now I have chucked all over town & it doesn’t phase me. That’s not OK!!! If you see me ralphing in the line-up at Shoppers Drug Mart (been there), remind me to find a quiet place to recover instead of letting me yell at the cashier for not double-bagging. Ew.
8. Brian’s cologne makes me sick. So does your perfume. Just so you know.
9. I can’t sleep on my tummy. I try. Oh, I try. I was sleeping on my tummy when I was 7 months pregnant with Miles. But not this baby. Oooooh no, this baby isn’t as hard (?) and doesn’t let me throw all of my weight on top of him. Also, this baby would prefer it if Miles didn’t step all over it. But Miles thinks otherwise…
10. The food I once loved, I now despise. I don’t want to touch a burger, I don’t want to look at Orange Juice. Offer me a frozen yogurt... bugger off. Even when I think I want it, I get it and instantly feel turned off.

Portrait of a pregnant Haley.
Just spoke with Todd from My Minds Eye about our November event, the Weekend To Unwind. If you weren't excited before... (Who are we kidding? Of course you were!) you will be now. My Minds Eye is sending us a boat load (or a box load) of prizes for our event. And they have also ensured we will have the two new releases before anyone else! Not bad for our little shoppe in Okotoks! (Pssst. I hear one of the new releases is all done on kraft paper! Woohoo!).

In other exciting news, Trisha Ladouceur, our MME teacher for the event has offered up some goods of her own (hells yeah!). If you register for the Weekend Pass ($210, all classes, crop & cocktail party included) you will be entered to win a prize valued at $100! And I've seen pictures of Trisha's stash, so let me tell you, this is going to be something you WANT to win. (If you've already bought the weekend pass, your name is in the "hat".)

Let's Recap:
There will be LOTS of prizes to be won at the
Weekend To Unwind
There are still spaces available*, so check out details by clicking on the flyer below.

* As of 11:30am, September 16th, 2009.


Jillibean Soup. Totally cute right? I know! These are a couple of my fav. papers from teh new Alphabet Soup line. All school-ish. I love it.

Also check out the matching Cool Beans Buttons (above), Journaling Sprouts & Alphabet Stickers.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Sneak Peek

Trisha Ladouceur who is teaching the classes for My Mind's Eye during our Weekend To Unwind sent me a sneak peek today of one of the Christmas cards students will be doing in the Colorful Christmas Cards Class. Pretty flippin cute, non? I thought I'd share this little peek with you. I am so excited for these classes (and will post more "peeks" as they arrive). If you don't already know the details to this fabulous event (it will be fabulous!) then scroll back a couple posts or click on the class link (left!). This really is one of the best events we have ever planned...
The Colorful Christmas Card class is just one of four classes that runs Saturday. The individual class is $43 (all supplies included) & is about 50% full (at 3pm today). If you're interested call 403.938.2391 & sign-up today!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Registration for the
Weekend to Unwind
begins tomorrow at 9am.
You can register by phone or in person. We only have one phone line (403.938.2391) so if you are worried about securing a space it will be best to register in person. Spaces are very limited for classes (as few as 15 in some cases) so if you'd like to purchase a weekend pass (for $210, includes Friday night cocktail party & Sunday crop) please register as early as possible. Payment must be made in full & is non-refundable (we will however provide access to our wait list should an emergency prevent participation). All class costs (individual or weekend pass) include most supplies but a short tool list is provided and required to participate.
Tickets (which contain information on required tools/photos) can be picked up after September 18th.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 Randoms

I'm back on board with the Weekly 10's. I fell off over the summer (shocker!).

10 moments of wishful thinking….

1. I wish one of my best friends, Juliana lived closer. As in, next door. Before Miles it seemed like Summerland wasn’t that far, we’ve been there twice so far this year & that’s not nearly enough. I wish I had her next door so I had someone to grocery shop with, watch TV shows with, bake Banana Bread for & call at midnight if I can’t sleep & want to sip on a glass of wine (Jules would be over in a heart beat. And with good wine in tow).
2. I wish the economy would recover. I wish everyone’s investments would at least return to the state they were in in 2005. It’d be good for my store (Scrapbooking seems to be the first thing to get axed from the family budget. Fair enough.) but it’d also be good for Brian. He hates working two jobs. And I hate him working 2 jobs. I keep hearing the recession is over. I have yet to see that. And I want my husband back.
3. I wish I was 15 lbs. lighter. But I guess now that I am pregnant I should set that wish on a shelf until the spring.
4. I wish Brian had the time to finish our ensuite bathroom. We bought the stuff to do it over a year ago. And it’s just never been a priority. As a secondary wish, I wish the bathroom could be finished without creating ANY drywall dust whatsoever.
5. I wish Mondays were the day everyone just scrapbooked. No other worries, just time to reflect on your past week, and scrapbook. PS. Sundays would also be a mandatory family day if I had my way.
6. I wish winter were only December & January. Just around for Christmas. But it could stay all year in the mountains, so I could get my fill (and ski!) if I needed to.
7. I wish there was someplace magical in my ceiling to keep all of my small kitchen appliances. I’d like to buy a food processor but I can’t imagine trying to fit anything else into my cupboards & my counters are full!
8. I wish I’d open up the dryer to suddenly discover all of the “other” socks. You know, the ones that mysteriously disappear. Then I’d sit & watch So You Think You Can Dance reruns while I paired all the socks. Honestly, that would make me so happy.
(the devil in disguise)
9. I wish Miles wasn’t pulling everything out of my purse while I sit here typing this. I hope he doesn’t get my wallet open.
10. I wish I had to time to actually stop at one of those U PICK ‘em places. I want to find one that grows peas. I love peas straight from the garden. But I only ever see those places when I am in a hurry, headed somewhere on the highway.

Coming Soon!

This gorgeous mini album is just one of the great classes that is coming this fall. Members, the class schedule will be gracing your IN boxes by tomorrow afternoon. If you don't receive it, make sure to contact us at sheepriverscrapbookco@hotmail.com. There are so many great classes to sign up for this fall, you won't want to miss out.
Pictured about is the Family Mini Album from 7 Gypsies Certified Instructor Susan Tutt. Sign up for this class on October 3rd at 1pm by call Ph.403.938.2391

Sneak Peek!

Thought you might be dying to see (I know I am) a little sneak peek of one of Trisha Ladouceur's projects for the upcoming Weekend To Unwind. This is a small "snipit" of the Family Canvas class. It features the beautiful Ooh La La paper line from My Minds Eye. And of course there are lots of other goodies piled onto this beautiful art piece.
Registration begins at 9am on September 11th.
The individual cost for this class is $54. Purchase the weekend pass, which includes this class, 3 others, a Friday night cocktail party ticket & Sunday crop for $210.
The cost of the class covers all of the supplies, however, there is a short basic tool list.

It's my blog...

I'm so upset. I'm sad & frustrated. And I'm going to vent.
An Ontario school board has pulled the book To Kill A Mockingbird from its curriculum based on it's "racist content". (More specifically, the use of the N word). From what I have read, this was the result of a parents complain. I don't even know where to start...
How can we teach children about racism without a reference? How can children begin understand the impact it has on people if they cannot relate to it?
This much I KNOW is true:
1. When I read TKMB in school, It wasn't the first time I heard the N word.
2. It was one of the few books that stayed with my after I left school. There is a real lesson to be learned in this PULITZER prize winning book.
3. I enjoyed the book. And so did my husband & he's a Cliff's Notes kinda guy.
4. I am so sad. Sad because if this kind of censorship keeps happening, I am worried Miles will never learn about how racism affected everyone in the 1930's, or Sexual Health or even, dare I say, the Holocaust (because some idiot will say it has too much "racism or violence"). I'm not a teacher, I KNOW I am not the most qualified person to teach him these lessons & their importance in todays society. Of course, these things, along with the national anthem & FUN non-religious holidays (like Halloween or Valentine's day) will be taught to him at home, but I worry for the children who's parents won't make the effort.
(This is MY blog. You have the right to disagree with what I write & I have the right to defend myself. But keep comments appropriate as this is not a political site, just my personal opinion. Thanks.)

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Event details.

Double-click on the flyer for Event Details.
And watch for more details to come including sneak peeks of the gorgeous class projects.
Registration begins September 11th.
Register at 9am at Sheep River Scrapbook Co. or by calling (403) 938 2391. We only have one line, so if it's busy, please call back.
All local (Calgary & area) tickets must be picked up in person. Tickets will be mailed to out of town registrants when purchased before September 20th.
Weekend passes are only sold based on availability.
Class prices include most products, however a small basic tool/supply list will be given beforehand. These items can be purchased in-store at a discount when the Weekend Pass is purchased.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Our Big Announcement!

Sheep River Scrapbook Co. is excited to bring you

Weekend to Unwind

November 6th, 7th & 8th

Cocktail Party* Classes* Crop

featuring ...

My Minds' Eye Endorsed Educator

Trisha Ladouceur

Trisha has been an avid scrapbooker for nearly 11 years and has taught for more than 9 years in Canada and the United States as well as overseas. She has been married to her best friend, Drew for more than 16 years and has 2 wild, but devilishly handsome boys, Logan and Carter who are more often than not, the source of her inspiration. She resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada where the long, cold winters provide plenty of scrapbooking time for her.Her teaching abilities have taken her on numerous travel adventures in recent history. She has taught scrapbooking and paper crafting classes coast to coast in both Canada and the United States as well as in Norway and the Netherlands. She has taught at Scrapfest for the past three years and is about to board her third cruise of 2009 to teach some fun classes to participants! She feels blessed to combine her love of travel with her passion for teaching scrapbooking... it's a match made in heaven!

Trisha has the distinct honor and privilege of being an Endorsed Educator for a few of her favourite Scrapbooking Manufacturers such as My Mind's Eye, Prima, Tattered Angels, Graphic 45, Bazzill, Riff Raff Designs, Sakura, and Beacon Adhesives. Products by these companies are used in abundance in her classes and they have given their "seal of approval" on her classes.To Trisha's credit, she is a Design Team Member for My Mind's Eye and Tattered Angels. She is honoured to have designed product for Prima Marketing, Inc. (Co-Creator of the Build-A-Book for Prima Marketing, Inc.). Trisha has had numerous projects and articles published in various magazines and you can see some of her recent work in Scrapbook Trends Magazine and Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine!Trisha loves to create projects that are very detail oriented and incorporates texture and dimension wherever possible. You will not find a "flat" project anywhere in her portfolio! The best part is that she shows her students that they too CAN create a work of art that will impress all and that when the steps are broken down, any task can be accomplished by any level of scrapbooker.Be sure to drop by her blog (www.trishaladouceur.blogspot.com) to learn more about what Trisha is up to!
Registration Begins September 11th*
More details to follow...
*Spaces are limited.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Venting.... Hey, It's my Blog.

Remember this cat? I had this poster in my room when I was little. On the poster it said "Bad Day?". Anyway, I think I ordered it from a Scholastic Book Order when I was 12, back then I had no idea what a truly bad day was.
Today was a bad day.
Before I go on, I should say that everyone is healthy. And so, this is a superficial bad day & I know in a year, maybe less, I won't even remember it.
Pick a day. Any day. And then close my bank on that day. Honestly, it probably won't affect me. There's usually not too much that can't wait until tomorrow.
Pick a day. Any day. And "temporarily" make my email account "unavailable" to me. No big deal. I have Facebook & a phone. I will survive.
Today the BMO in Okotoks "crashed" & was closed.
Today my business email address was "temporarily unavailable" for 8 hours (so far)!
Today I needed, NEEDED a couple things to happen.
I needed to lock down a deal so I can make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I have been talking about. The one I was HOPING to announce on August 30th.
I needed to email a contract to someone.
I needed to write pay cheques to my staff.
I needed to make a deposit so I could pay my store's rent.
And there are some other things..... I needed to happen.
And without going into any financial details, those things could only happen at the Okotoks branch or through email, so those things didn't happen.
So I started to cry. Maybe it's pregnancy. Maybe I'm just dramatic (you think?).
So my Husband picked me up to go to lunch. And he reminded me that everyone was alive & kicking. That most people are understanding. And that stressing out, well that's good for nothing. And just like that I feel better.
On a side note: Congrats to Kacey Browning (well, the whole Browning Family really). Kacey had a baby girl who they named Sloane (LOVE IT!). She is gorgeous. Mom is well. I am jealous.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


These little journaling sprouts from Jillibean Soup are my favourite thing at the moment. They are so stinkin' cute & totally useful (I'm a journaler!).

Layout #080

Sand Box by Haley Ross
Something horrible happened with my little point & shoot camera when I was taking these pictures... Miles' shirt is so bright. I might go back & try to fix that. I used some really old embellishments on this page, happy about that! There's a spelling mistake in my journaling that is killing me. Do you go back & tear things apart if there is spelling mistakes?
Materials: Patterned Paper & Embellishments: My Minds Eye; Alphabet Stickers: Sandylion; Brads: Karen Foster; Metal Labels: American Crafts; Pen: Ek Success Zig Writer.

Layout #078 & #079

I've been making some real progress on my Christmas albums. I have two. One is where I stash all of the Christmas layout from the past, oh, 5 years (it's almost full) and the other is for Miles' first Christmas (I took that many pictures). I am almost caught up on both of them. I actually like scrapbooking Christmas. You rarely have to match up colors (Hmmm... Green & Red? Sure.) and the embellishments are all so sparkly and cute. I 'll post more (I lent my book out..) soon, but here are a couple I liked...

So Merry by Haley Ross
This is actually scraplifted. I took an 8.5x11 layout and turned it into a 2 page layout... and it worked! (Ok, it looks NOTHING like the original, but sometimes I need a starting point...).
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: Pink Paislee; Stickers: October Afternoon; Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts; Other: Ribbon off of a gift I recieved.

jump! by Haley Ross
This picture is crooked. I really need to get my camera back from the shop. Anyway, I love these pictures so much that I think I could have put ugly kitten stickers all over the page & I would still be happy with it.... well, maybe.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: K&Co.; Brads: Doodlebug; Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts; Die Cut: K&Co.; Ribbon: May Arts; Other: Transparency.

Store Hours

We're now operating on regular store hours again. Thank you for your patience over the summer. We all enjoyed ours, hope you did too.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
10am - 5pm
10am - 8pm
Friday & Saturday
Sunday & Holidays