Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Sneak Peek

Trisha Ladouceur who is teaching the classes for My Mind's Eye during our Weekend To Unwind sent me a sneak peek today of one of the Christmas cards students will be doing in the Colorful Christmas Cards Class. Pretty flippin cute, non? I thought I'd share this little peek with you. I am so excited for these classes (and will post more "peeks" as they arrive). If you don't already know the details to this fabulous event (it will be fabulous!) then scroll back a couple posts or click on the class link (left!). This really is one of the best events we have ever planned...
The Colorful Christmas Card class is just one of four classes that runs Saturday. The individual class is $43 (all supplies included) & is about 50% full (at 3pm today). If you're interested call 403.938.2391 & sign-up today!

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

So excited about this class. How many cards will we be making Haley?