Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Hours

Sheep River Scrapbook Co. is Now Open

Noon - 5pm

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
10am - 9pm

This is a perfect time to come down to crop.
Please call (403) 938 2391 to ensure space is available.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Terry-Lynn Thomas & Martha Klassen rockin' the Pink Tee's & PJ's.
Scrapbookers, much like poker players, stand up when things get stressful!
This "all-in moment" is brought to you by Arlee Sebryk.

Paula Ford & Michelle Gier share a smile.
Perhaps they've just finished discussing the "Lift & Jiggle" technique.

I've got moves you've never seen....

..............and might never want to!
Here I am doing my best impression of Chris Farley's Chippendale routine.
Only when I look at these, do I realise how truly "unfunny" I am. Can't help it, the Pink apron just makes me feel like dancin'.

Panty Raid...........

Donning a ScrapPink apron just wasn't enough for these fabulous fundraising scrapbookers!
Arlee Sebryk (far right) won a prize for wearing the most Pink, but the competition was fierce!


We raised $505.00!
(And as Kathy Roberts told us today, every little bit counts. That's more than enough to drive a patient to their next chemo treatment.)
All of the proceeds will be split between the Susan G. Komen Foundation ( a breast cancer charity chosen by Better Homes & Gardens) & the Canadian Cancer Society.
Kathy Roberts, a survivor of Breast Cancer, spoke to us today about prevention & detection. She brought fabulous pamphlets for us to read, and those handy little charts to put in our showers.
Sobeys Okotoks donated snacks (pink drinks! pink meringues! and strawberry shortcake!) & pink roses for each of the ladies who cropped.
Thank You (Big Time!) to everyone who helped make this event a success!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night I pulled out this magazine, not expecting that it might keep me up for another hour while I devoured each idea. It did.
This magazine reminds me of my new friend Starr who is always trying to make her life beautiful. (And fabulously succeeding!). When I read her Blog, or am lucky enough to get to "craft" with her, I always say to myself " I wish I had the time....". Well, enough is enough.
I am going to make the time.
I am going to make...stuff.

This magazine got me very excited to teach the Christmas Topiaries class I have planned for November. Also watch for the totally cute Desktop Calendar & what might be my favourite night of the year..... Tags & Treats Night.
Pick up a copy of this magazine. Seriously inspiring.

Another reason....

I stole this picture off of the DaisyD's website. So if you come to the store tomorrow, and it is not open, the copyright police have gotten me :)
I just loved how they showcased the new products (which we now have available in store!). The papers are gorgeous. And the the details....oooooh! Great buttons, flowers & ribbons! But best of all, are the totally smart rub-on phrases and stickers. The "arrows" are flying off the shelves!
Beautiful for fall.... You must check these out!

This just in.........

Scenic Route Papers "Ashville" & "Sumner" have arrived. Come check out these fabulous double-sided papers. My personal favouite is the Kraft style paper, so smart! Also look for matching cardstock packs (by Bazzill), RubOns, Stickers, Chipboard & THE BEST die cuts.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Didn't someone think of this sooner?
The ribbon iron by Pebbles Inc. is pure genius. It heats up quick and actually gets hot. I love it.

I'm gonna need more time....

The Bailey & McKenna collections are here. They are too cute. I considered closing the store and scrapbooking all day (these papers are perfect for wedding pages!). Instead, I will spend the day unpacking the boxes I have sitting here. Don't forget to come stock up on older items and recieve 25% off your entire purchase* until the 8th.