Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Last night I pulled out this magazine, not expecting that it might keep me up for another hour while I devoured each idea. It did.
This magazine reminds me of my new friend Starr who is always trying to make her life beautiful. (And fabulously succeeding!). When I read her Blog, or am lucky enough to get to "craft" with her, I always say to myself " I wish I had the time....". Well, enough is enough.
I am going to make the time.
I am going to make...stuff.

This magazine got me very excited to teach the Christmas Topiaries class I have planned for November. Also watch for the totally cute Desktop Calendar & what might be my favourite night of the year..... Tags & Treats Night.
Pick up a copy of this magazine. Seriously inspiring.


Karen said...

I've been following your GREAT blog for a while, and I LOVE your store. I live in High River...This magazine looks totally like something I would like. I think I might pick myself up a copy!! :)

Haley Marie Ross said...

You will love it!