Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Layout #127

big by Haley Ross
No journaling! Something different for me. And it's killing me. But what was I going to write "This is my kid with giant pumpkins."? Obviously.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: My Minds Eye; Photo Turns: 7 Gypsies; Rub-Ons: Daisy D's; Border punch: Fiskars; Brads: Karen Foster; Chipboard Letters: Making Memories.

Layout #126

First Mothers Day by Haley Ross
Seriously! I am so mad that I cannot figure out my camera. The picture of this layout is blurry! Agggh!
I like that I get to use girly stuff for occasions like these. This was a perfect way to sneak a hint of pink into my pages... which I'm not opposed to, but it usually doesn't seem to work.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper, Stickers & Die-Cuts: October Afternoon; Floss: Karen Foster; Buttons: Jillibean Soup; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer.

Layout #125

First Play in the Spray by Haley Ross
Can you believe I forgot my camera on our first ever trip to the spray park? Luckily, Kacey had just gotten hers and was a little trigger happy. I have some great pictures from that day (Thanks Kacey!)
I was really pumped that I was able to use this colorful paper & grey cardstock together... it was no easy feat, but I think it turned out well. I am 99% sure that picking the right paper is key to being happy with your pages. After that, especially when you're a simple scrapbooker (like me), it's just a matter of slappin' on the pictures. Anyone can scrapbook.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: Close to My Heart; Stickers: Stampin' Up; Chipboard Letters: Basic Grey; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer.

Layout #124

i love hiking by Haley Ross
Well, I had big intentions of taking pictures of the last 30 or so layouts I have done today. Not going to happen. For some reason, my camera (and definitely not myself) is acting up today. All my shots are blurry. Anyway, I'll post the couple that didn't turn out too poorly. Sorry about the fuzziness.
I used stickers on this layout. Which I think is funny. There was a time when I rarely used stickers (directly following a time when I was buying them off the roll by the dozens), and now they seem to be making a comeback in my scrapbooking. Do you have any products like that? Weird how that happens.
On another note, I could pretty much use the Life Stories Kraft line by MME on every layout I do. But I will limit myself, otherwise it'd get boring. I really do love Kraft paper. It's so easy to use. I love their die-cut sheets. I tried to mimic the mountains with the triangle die-cut, did that come across?
Materials: Patterned Paper & Die-cuts: My Minds Eye; Brads: Karen Foster; Decorative Grommets: Stampin' Up; Stickers: Stampin' Station; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love. love. LOVE.

Sunday was Valentines Day. Ok, I know, it seems like an obvious statement. But I have been home for 10 days (10 days!) with sick boys. And so knowing the actual day & date, was a miracle. Time seems to mean a lot less when you never leave your house.
Miles is better. Brian is on the mend. And by some miracle, I seem to have avoided most of it. So in honor of my first week 'unemployed', here are
10 Things that Happened Last Week
1. It was my first week at home. My first week as a SAHM (go ahead, ask me what that stands for... I totally know!). And I truly experienced what it was like to stay at home. And I survived. And I love that. I had a hella-bad case of cabin fever but I survived.
2. For my birthday I got a trip to Pincher Creek to a scrapbook retreat. Here's the catch: It's the last week in February. So as I pack my bags and head out of town I will be chanting "I will not go into labor. I will not go into labor." And hopefully that does the trick. If not, Kim assures me she will haul me down the highway as fast as possible so that I can have my baby in High River, as planned.
3. I got 2 gifts! One from Miles & one from Brian. Hmmmm. Does that mean next year I get three? Miles got me a team Canada hoodie. It's a size XXL and barely zips up. I love it.
4. My sisters came over and made me dinner. Which was awesome, because I sure as heck wasn't about to take my sick baby to the grocery store (see #5). They cooked and cleaned. Yeah I know, lucky me.
5. I tried to take Miles to Costco. He barfed all over me in the parking lot on the way in. I wasn't even upset, it was wishful thinking... I should have known better.
6. Brian fell asleep at 4:30. So I called and canceled the babysitter I had lined up for our "date". Then I took our date money and spent it on a toilet paper holder for the new bathroom. Glamorous.
7. I watched the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics. It was awesome. I was so proud to be Canadian. I was a little disappointed with the way they sang our national anthem. I don't think it was an appropriate time to change the melody. Anyway, the girl who sang it was cute (loved her dress) and did a great job.
8. I cleaned. A lot.
9. I spent a lot of money on getting my boys better. Two bottles of Robitussin (day/night), 4 boxes of Kleenex, VapoRub, VapoRub for babies, Herbal Cough Syrup for Miles, Coryzalia, Infants Tylenol, Riccolas....
10. I made cupcakes and Valentines with Miles for Day Home (above). And he actually helped. It was pretty wonderful. We had a good Valentines Day. I got Miles a cute red sock monkey, he made me a card & I made Brian a crossword puzzle (Free online!). I also got a bottle of champagne for when the baby arrives. Vueve Cliquot. My fav.

Layout #123

Little Moments by Haley Ross
I have to give a shout out to Martha Klassen who provided more than inspiration for this layout (meaning: I copied her...). I just love the color green. I love it. It's so fresh. I had dressed Miles is head-to-toe grey that day (what was I thinking???) so I was pretty excited to have this color palate to use.
Old stuff? Oops. :) Oh well, it happens.
Materials: Cardstock: Basic Grey; Patterned Paper: My Minds Eye; Journaling Spot: Jillibean Soup; Alphabet Stickers: Bella Blivd.; Rub-on: Doodlebug Designs; Pen: LePen.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

... What now?

I don't even know what to titles this blog entry. I thought about "The End of an Era" or just "The End". But I don't really feel that way. And I though about "...And they lived happily ever after..." but that doesn't seem right either. Because I don't know. I don't know if this is the beginning or the end. At different times, it has felt like both.

I opened the store when I was 23. I had lots of hopes & dreams. And not a lot of experience to go with them. But I learned. And the store grew right along with me. That was 5 years ago. And when I look back at the pictures (above & below) I can feel & see the change. Thankfully, I was able to shake the horrific case of adult acne I had... I have gained some weight, and my hair color has been platinum, chocolate & everything in between. But the real changes, the real growths are not physical. They are in here (I am pointing to heart. And then to my head.) I've learned practical skills. I know about customs brokerage, gross margin ratios & corporate tax laws. I've learned about people. Some people are pleasant, some are wonderful, some are grumpy & some people are just plain crazy. And I learned that on any given day, I can be any one of those people.

After all that, I am wondering "Now what?". I remember bringing Miles to the store for the first time (below) and thinking "Everything in this store, all of it, doesn't matter as much as this tiny baby." And after that day, I wasn't the person who cared about the newest paper line from Basic Grey anymore. I just didn't. My priorities shifted. And they never went back. For me, it's all about my family now. That's where I am. I am at home. When I was at the store, my mind was at home. And my heart was at home. I am at home. And this is the best place for me, for now.

So "What Now?". Here I am. I am at home. A stay at home mom. And I have been for 2.5 hours now. ( 2.5 Hours!!!) This is where I want to be. So why am I thinking about the store (for the first time in 2 years...)?
I think I am scared. What happens when I wake up on Monday? And Tuesday?
What happens when I have finished cleaning every room in my house?
What happens when I get bored of playing with Miles & his trains?
What if my friends don't pick up their phones & I really need to talk to someone?
What if I become "Miles' Mom" and "Haley Ross" disappears?
What now? What happens now?
Oh my God. What Now?