Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Hours.
Tues, Wed, Thurs & Fri
Open 12-4pm
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Sunday & Holidays
These hours are in effect June, July & August.

Shout Outs! Vol.1

Once a week I will do "Shout Outs" to the people in my life.
Just because I want them to know how Grateful I am to have them.

I'm breaking out the pink embellishments for Annette Ormstrup who just had a baby girl Isabelle Julienne Ormstrup. Baby Isabelle makes this a family of 7. Congratulations you guys! I can't wait to meet her.
Also Congratulations to Kaly Court who had a baby boy. Welcome to the world little Otto Court!
Thanks to Kim for "noticing". I knew you would.

Monday, May 25, 2009

10 Randoms

Today Brian & I went to Kananakis for our first hike of the season. It was a little rainy out, but we had got a new carrier for Miles & we were really wanting to try it out. So we packed a lunch & hit the road.
10 Things I Think About When I Hike.
1. My calves when I was in college. They were definitely my best feature. I am mad at myself for letting them go. Haha! That sounds funny. But I am aware of them when I am going up hills or stairs & I wish they were still in their prime.
2. Heart Disease. I think about how I never want it.
3. Quiet. I don't listen to an iPod when I hike. It's nice to just have peace & quiet. Or sometimes I talk to Brian. But I like hearing what's going on around me. I like hearing the squirrels & birds. I like the sound of the wind. I'd be bored listening to those sounds in my home (I actually bought one of those nature CD's once) but I love them when I am hiking.
4. I think about moving somewhere warm, where hiking was a possibility all year round. I try to figure out where that would be, but I cannot seem to find the perfect place. I guess Canada is just where I am suppose to be.

5. Hiking trips I have taken in the past. I once hiked 36km in Ujung Kulon (a rainforest in Indonesia). It was hot & muggy. I was soaked. But I had the best sleep of my life that night & was surprisingly not sore for the hike back to the bus in the morning. Today I thought a lot about Miles' first hiking trip last year. He was 3 months old & slept the whole way. We went 12km that day, it was so special.
6. My bed. And how good it will feel when I get into it after the hike.
7. Kids. I think about them a lot. Do I want more? Or am I happy with one? I think about how lonely Miles would be if he were an only child, but also about the opportunities he could have if it remains just him & us.
8. Discovering an abandoned log cabin. I always wish that would happen. And that it would be full of some old trappers things. It would be so cool but also so creepy. When we were little we use to go visit my uncle in Yoho National Park (where he was a warden) & we would walk along the old CP railway line & pick up things that had fallen off the rain & collect insulators. We found some vintage CP Rail china once, so cool.
9. A Maniac running around in the woods. My parents know some people who were hiking in California & some crazy man jumped out & attacked them. True story. Anyway, I worry about crazy people more than I do about bears. But in my head, Brian always saves the day & we tie the dude to a tree & go to get help.
10. "Don't look at the ground." I say this over & over in my head. I have to remind myself of this simple hiking rule or I am sore as heck the next day.

SBC #2

Scrapbook Boot Camp Session Two - Sneak Peek
Layout #1
Color Scheme: Black, White & Green ( sorry ladies, my camera wasn't cooperating!) with a bit of pink.
Products: Daisy Bucket & Heidi Swapp Patterned Papers, Cosmo Cricut Die-Cuts, Arrow shaped brads & more.
Photo Roll Call: Nine (yes, 9) 3.75x3.75". And one 5x7 portrait.
There is a lot of room on this layout for journaling.
Layout #2
Color Scheme: Lots of colors! Mostly muted. Orange & Brown are a big part of this layout.
Products: Cardstock, a whole pack of stickers, over-sized photo corners & more.
Photo Roll Call: One 5x7 portrait. Two 4x6 portrait & one 4x6 landscape.
There is a room for a small amount of journaling on this layout as well as a short title (mine was PLAY.)

Layout #3
Color Scheme: Lots of colors including green, orange, brown and pink. This layout is a little girly/spring-ish.
Product: My Minds Eye Paper & Die-Cuts, Fuzzy Brads & more.
Photo Roll Call: One 12x8 portrait. (Yes, this is a bog photo! These are available at Shoppers Drug Mart.) Three 2.5x2.5" photos. One 4x6 landscape. Two 3x6 portrait.
There is room for a small amount of journaling on this layout.

Friday, May 22, 2009

This Just In.

Come pick up a copy of the new Canadian Scrapbooker.
Support the Canadian Economy & the environment (these magazines are printed locally & don't have very far to travel before they end up in your hands!)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


I cleaned the house from 3-7 today. 4 hours of cleaning! So after all that, and once Miles was fed & in bed, do you think I felt like making dinner (and another mess)? Heck no. So for dinner tonight I had Compliments Rainbow Sherbet. mmmmmmmm. This is BY FAR the best rainbow sherbet you can have at home. And it's fat free. Go buy it. Seriously. Go. It will make you happy. Go. Now.
Anyway, I ate like, 1/3 of the container. Can someone please give me heck? For real. Lecture me. Yell at me. I deserve it.


I'll be the first one to admitt that I have a regularly changing "Freebie Five". I can fall in lust in mere seconds. However, one constant is George Stromboulopoulos. He's not #1, but he has moved permanently into the top five. (Anyone who doesn't know what a Freebie Five is should google it & then promptly make their own before they run into their verison of Isabella Rossellini.)
We're headed to Toronto in June for a Ross family reunion & Brians cousin (who has friends in high places....) got us tickets to The Hour. Be still my heart.
After that I fully intend to hit up a Jazz club. And after that, well, I don't care what happens. I am so excited.
My Freebie Five
(as of May 21st, 2009)
1. Paul Rudd.
2. Matthew Grey Gubler (Don't ask why, even I don't know).
3. George Stromboulopoulos
4. Johnny Depp
5. Owen Wilson (No. The nose doesn't bother me.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Layout 073

Waiting for Baby by Haley Ross
Love this textured paper. Love the matchy-matchy buttons & ribbon.
Materials: Patterned Paper: American Crafts; Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Ribbon: May Arts & Making Memories; Buttons & Stickers: American Crafts; Stamp: Autumn Leaves; Chipboard: My Minds Eye; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer.

Layout 072

Purpose by Haley Ross
This was one of the layouts from last weeks Scrapbookers' Boot Camp. I am so happy with it.
It's hard for me to scrapbook the hospital pictures from when Miles was born. Firstly because the colors are so horrible (peaches & greens) and also because I have such high expectations for these pages. These are the first one's I have done & I am happy with it, so I will forge on.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper & Die Cuts: Scenic Route; Brads: Doodlebug; Rub Ons: Fancy Pants; Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer; Cricut Cartridge: George; Ribbon: May Arts.

10 Randoms

Now that Spring has arrived (has it really?) & summer is near, we are busy making big plans. I thought I'd share some of them with you.
10 Plans of the Ross Family
1. Camping. I am hoping to get to Revelstoke to meet with Jules and Steve sometime before August. I have never camped out there, but I know there is lots to do & some great golfing. We camped last year with Miles and it was great.
2. A Garage Sale! I've been meaning to have one for years. Well, this Saturday we are finally having one. There's lots of junk & a couple treasures so stop by if you like.
3. Finish exteriors reno's. Three years later! The siding, chimney & driveway are the first things on our list of things to do. Brian and Ryan (my BIL) are starting this weekend. I don't help, I look after Miles are we are the official iced tea providers of the event.
4. Hiking. Miles loves being outside. (That's us Beaver watching at the cabin last weekend). We hiked with him when he was first born & are excited to get out into the mountains again. Our longest hike last year was 12k but we're looking forward to increasing our distance & difficulty. We're going to need to upgrade child carrier backpacks. I think we have out eye on a pretty pimped out ride from Mountain Equipment Co-Op. If anyone has or knows of someone who has a used one for sale, we'd be interested because they are $230 new!

5. A New Deck! I am pretty excited for all the BBQing this summer. We got a patio heater as a wedding gift & we find ourselves sitting under it on cool summer nights. We are making our deck a touch bigger so it can accommodate even more poker players!
6. Running. The Crohns & Collitis run is fast approaching. We are getting ready & getting excited. The run is in honor of my friend Pam who passed away in January. If you'd like to sponsor me (please!) you can do it safely here:
I have raised $825. I am just $175 short of my goal! The run also falls on Miles' first birthday, so while I am going to be a little sad remembering our friend Pam, I think the day will be a lot of fun.
7. Heading to the Cabin. As per usual, I just can't wait to get there (and I just left!)
8. Taking Miles to an outdoor water park. I can't wait. I know he'd love it, the kid lives for bath time. I was thinking about stopping in Lloyd at Bud Miller, a water park I use to love when I was little. I hope it still exists.
9. A New Bathroom! We live with one bathroom. And it's getting harder and harder to keep that one clean (in case someone stops by). I can't wait for Brian & my Dad to finish our ensuite. We have all the stuff (I bought the coolest tile) just sitting there. Time to get it done!
10. Bike Rides. I am looking for a seat for Miles for the back of my bike. I got him a cute little helmet & now all we need is some good weather.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I was blog hopping this morning. I was feeling a little restless. A little heavy. And definitly a LOT unmotivated. I was dwelling on the fact that I am at the store, and not with Miles. I think about the time I am NOT spending with my husband. I was angry because I sat down at 9:15 last night and fell asleep when there was still lots to be done. Then I came across this paragraph on Lisa Slocombe's Blog and I fell in love. (Actually there was more than this paragraph that I enjoyed, but this was my favourite. Lisa had it all highlighted and colored and I thought I would do the same, taking the parts that I enjoyed the most and amplifying them. I hope you take something from this too. Thank you so much Lisa. Really, Thank You. Sometimes I loose sight of the Balance I strive for. This restored it.

Mothers Who Know Do Less: Mothers who know, do less. They permit less of what will not bear good fruit eternally. They allow less media in their homes, less distraction, less activity that draws their children away from their home. Mothers who know are willing to live on less and consume less of the world’s goods in order to spend more time with their childrenmore time eating together, more time working together, more time reading together, more time talking, laughing, singing, and exemplifying. These mothers choose carefully and do not try to choose it all.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Layout 071

Full House by Haley Ross
This page really has nothing to do with the picture. Sometimes that just happens I guess. I could have tried to find vintage pictures... but I think that no matter how old we are, seeing a picture of all of us girls, makes me think these thoughts. I love my sisters.
I am so happy to have used the house paper from Daisy D's. I remember seeing it and thinking "So Cute. What the ____ am I going to do with it?" The whole paper was adorable so it hurt a little to cut it up, but I am happy with the results. I'd love to see other stuff people have done with this line, so if you have anything, let me see it.
Old Stock: Pretty much everything. But I did have to buy a purple pen for this layout.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Die-Cut Paper: ki memories; Patterned Paper: Daisy D's: Alphabet Stickers: making memories; Pen: Le Pen; Other: Staples.
Ps. In case you didn't notice I am almost at the half-way point for my 2009 goal. I hope to reach #75 before July 1st so that I am on-track. Fingers crossed.

10 Randoms

We're headed to the Cabin. Yessss. I always have & always will have it as my favourite place on earth. (Check out the vintage shot of my sisters & I riding our bikes down the muddy road in front of our lot. I'm the oldest one, with the boys hair cut....). In about... February, I start to itch for the cabin (early, I know). And it's finally here!
10 Things I am Looking Forward to This Weekend.
1. Stopping in Lloyd to see Tasha & Hannah (and Jeff) Hilderman. Can't wait to see their store & do the fastest shop of my life. Also, I am told there will be ice cream involved, even better.
2. I worked hard on creating a new drinking game for this weekend. I can't wait to play Drinking Jenga. Yikes.
3. Helping Miles walk around the lot. There will be so much for him to discover. That reminds me, I'd better empty a memory card for my camera!
4. Watching Miles see a campfire for the first time. I can't wait.
5. Playing Sorry!, Monopoly, Clue, Rummikub, Dimes & Texas Hold'em.
6. Sitting on the dock (where I got married) watching the sunset. I am praying for good weather.
7. Seeing the other Hopaluks. I haven't seen Auntie Tara in a while!
8. Eating Hot Dogs & Smokies. This only happens at the cabin!
9. Eating Spitz until my tongue bleeds. And then eating some more.
10. Stopping to see Grandma H on the way home. Hopefully she'll hook us up with her fabulous hand-made pirogi.

Friday, May 8, 2009


I Burn. I Pine. I Perish.
If you have a little boy you will be knocked over by the great boys stuff in this new line from My Minds Eye (I was.) and if you don't...let's be honest, LOOK AT THIS STUFF! So summer-y. So fabulous. I love all the little pieces, I love the paper (die-cut!) and I love how the coordinating lines give you so many options.
This line made me say "I think I like My Minds Eye MORE than Basic Grey." Yep. I said it. I do. I love them the mostest.

More New Stuff!

Here are two of the three new lines JUST IN from My Minds Eye. I LOVE LOVE LOVE My Minds Eye (if you haven't noticed...). Check out Pretty Please & Andrea Victoria (my fav!).


If you missed it the first time, you'll want to get in on Becky Fleck's Page Maps. The thing is, I think it got overlooked because we were all so engrossed with Becky Higgins Sketches. I love this book, I love her blog, I love her. It makes scrapbooking so easy, it kinda feels like cheating...


I don't want to sound like a scrapbook snob, but I didn't think I could ever see myself using products from the Eyelet Outlet. They always just seemed a bit hokey. Anyway, I am loving the brads they have. They are a perfect little addition to a page. I'm not using an entire package but you can't tell me the little giraffes (pictures above) aren't too cute to resist using on a zoo layout. In moderation, I am ALL OVER these themed brads.


The Bath Time line from Karen Foster is here. So cute. Coordinating paper & matching stickers. And a really nice color palette.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So Close...

The weather gets good & I start to think about summer at the cabin. It's my favourite place on earth. But there are at least 9 other places I also love to be...
My 10 Favourite Places to Be.
(in no particular order)
1. The lake.
2. San Fransisco. I love that city. It's relaxing and laid out so well. We walk everywhere and do everything. I love the Golden Gate bridge, China Town, Union Square, & the Warf. I just love that whole city.
3. Las Vegas. As far as cities go, it's the complete opposite of San Fran. I love staying up until 3 am, shopping, eating out (Mon Ami Gabi is my favourite restaurant in the world!), seeing shows (Crique, Blue Man Group or a concert!), shopping, walking along the strip (people watching!), shopping, playing War, Poker, Horse Races & Slots, shopping, going to the spa, and I really love the shopping. Oh, and shopping.
4. In Bed. I love my bed. We invested in a good mattress (I highly recommend you do so). I got a kick-ass deal on bedding at Pottery Barn (like 80% off!) and we have amazing pillows. And I kinda like the guy I sleep next to as well.
5. Cairns, Australia. The "faux" beach downtown was where I had one of the most relaxing days of my life. Plus: Great Barrier Reef, Uncle Brian's Waterfall Tour & the coolest bead store RIGHT on the beach. So cute.
6. Banff. Brian and I use to go to Banff monthly when we first met. It's where we exchanged out first " I love you's". I just like walking around the downtown and crashing in a hot tub after a long day of shopping/skiing.
7. Summerland. Because Jules lives there. Highlights: Farm Fresh Eggs, The Bench in Penticton, The Beach and The Vanilla Pod (great Tapas & Wine bar).
8. On a picnic blanket in the sun. I'm not too picky about the location as long as it's not windy. Did I mention that there would be brie cheese in my picnic basket?
9. Skiing is Switzerland. And then lounging in a Chalet. I love Switzerland.
10. In a busy pasar (market) in Jakarta. I miss Jakarta. And while I cannot imagine living in such a big dirty city again, I would love to go back to show my Husband how I grew up. I miss the beaches and scenic tours, but mostly I just miss the humming of a big city. I miss the markets full of smelly fruit, knock-off watches and Hello Kitty stationery. And Jakarta has so much culture. I miss it everyday.


I am DYING for the new My Minds Eye stuff to arrive. The Breaking Free line looks good enough to eat. So, as per usual, I log onto the UPS website to track my package this morning and here's what it says
What? What? What does that even mean? I've been obsessively tracking packages for four years now and I have never NEVER seen this. I am dying....
I need this paper.

The following blog entry may have been a tad bit dramatic. Just a tad.