Wednesday, May 13, 2009

10 Randoms

We're headed to the Cabin. Yessss. I always have & always will have it as my favourite place on earth. (Check out the vintage shot of my sisters & I riding our bikes down the muddy road in front of our lot. I'm the oldest one, with the boys hair cut....). In about... February, I start to itch for the cabin (early, I know). And it's finally here!
10 Things I am Looking Forward to This Weekend.
1. Stopping in Lloyd to see Tasha & Hannah (and Jeff) Hilderman. Can't wait to see their store & do the fastest shop of my life. Also, I am told there will be ice cream involved, even better.
2. I worked hard on creating a new drinking game for this weekend. I can't wait to play Drinking Jenga. Yikes.
3. Helping Miles walk around the lot. There will be so much for him to discover. That reminds me, I'd better empty a memory card for my camera!
4. Watching Miles see a campfire for the first time. I can't wait.
5. Playing Sorry!, Monopoly, Clue, Rummikub, Dimes & Texas Hold'em.
6. Sitting on the dock (where I got married) watching the sunset. I am praying for good weather.
7. Seeing the other Hopaluks. I haven't seen Auntie Tara in a while!
8. Eating Hot Dogs & Smokies. This only happens at the cabin!
9. Eating Spitz until my tongue bleeds. And then eating some more.
10. Stopping to see Grandma H on the way home. Hopefully she'll hook us up with her fabulous hand-made pirogi.

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Tasha said...

Oh heck yes. Ok, can I say I *LOVE* the picture, and also had various boy hair cuts throughout my life. And we are looking forward to seeing you, too. yip yip!