Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So Close...

The weather gets good & I start to think about summer at the cabin. It's my favourite place on earth. But there are at least 9 other places I also love to be...
My 10 Favourite Places to Be.
(in no particular order)
1. The lake.
2. San Fransisco. I love that city. It's relaxing and laid out so well. We walk everywhere and do everything. I love the Golden Gate bridge, China Town, Union Square, & the Warf. I just love that whole city.
3. Las Vegas. As far as cities go, it's the complete opposite of San Fran. I love staying up until 3 am, shopping, eating out (Mon Ami Gabi is my favourite restaurant in the world!), seeing shows (Crique, Blue Man Group or a concert!), shopping, walking along the strip (people watching!), shopping, playing War, Poker, Horse Races & Slots, shopping, going to the spa, and I really love the shopping. Oh, and shopping.
4. In Bed. I love my bed. We invested in a good mattress (I highly recommend you do so). I got a kick-ass deal on bedding at Pottery Barn (like 80% off!) and we have amazing pillows. And I kinda like the guy I sleep next to as well.
5. Cairns, Australia. The "faux" beach downtown was where I had one of the most relaxing days of my life. Plus: Great Barrier Reef, Uncle Brian's Waterfall Tour & the coolest bead store RIGHT on the beach. So cute.
6. Banff. Brian and I use to go to Banff monthly when we first met. It's where we exchanged out first " I love you's". I just like walking around the downtown and crashing in a hot tub after a long day of shopping/skiing.
7. Summerland. Because Jules lives there. Highlights: Farm Fresh Eggs, The Bench in Penticton, The Beach and The Vanilla Pod (great Tapas & Wine bar).
8. On a picnic blanket in the sun. I'm not too picky about the location as long as it's not windy. Did I mention that there would be brie cheese in my picnic basket?
9. Skiing is Switzerland. And then lounging in a Chalet. I love Switzerland.
10. In a busy pasar (market) in Jakarta. I miss Jakarta. And while I cannot imagine living in such a big dirty city again, I would love to go back to show my Husband how I grew up. I miss the beaches and scenic tours, but mostly I just miss the humming of a big city. I miss the markets full of smelly fruit, knock-off watches and Hello Kitty stationery. And Jakarta has so much culture. I miss it everyday.


Tasha said...

Mmmm brie

Lee-Anne said...

I would love to see Australia. It's on my bucket list.

Carol T said...

My favourite place in the world is Florence (Firenze). Cobblestone streets, a view of the Santa Maria, amazing shops, the best gelato, the David, fantastic museums, and a feeling of what those same streets were like in the 1400's. Sometimes, I want to trade in my life and be a street vendor there.
Second favourite? It's lame: it's standing on Main Street, USA, in Disneyworld, gazing at the Cinderella castle. Nothing compares. (Don't judge me -- I'm already judging myself!)
Third? On my bed, snuggling with my kidlets, watching a movie on my mini-dvd player.
Great list, Haley!