Wednesday, May 20, 2009

10 Randoms

Now that Spring has arrived (has it really?) & summer is near, we are busy making big plans. I thought I'd share some of them with you.
10 Plans of the Ross Family
1. Camping. I am hoping to get to Revelstoke to meet with Jules and Steve sometime before August. I have never camped out there, but I know there is lots to do & some great golfing. We camped last year with Miles and it was great.
2. A Garage Sale! I've been meaning to have one for years. Well, this Saturday we are finally having one. There's lots of junk & a couple treasures so stop by if you like.
3. Finish exteriors reno's. Three years later! The siding, chimney & driveway are the first things on our list of things to do. Brian and Ryan (my BIL) are starting this weekend. I don't help, I look after Miles are we are the official iced tea providers of the event.
4. Hiking. Miles loves being outside. (That's us Beaver watching at the cabin last weekend). We hiked with him when he was first born & are excited to get out into the mountains again. Our longest hike last year was 12k but we're looking forward to increasing our distance & difficulty. We're going to need to upgrade child carrier backpacks. I think we have out eye on a pretty pimped out ride from Mountain Equipment Co-Op. If anyone has or knows of someone who has a used one for sale, we'd be interested because they are $230 new!

5. A New Deck! I am pretty excited for all the BBQing this summer. We got a patio heater as a wedding gift & we find ourselves sitting under it on cool summer nights. We are making our deck a touch bigger so it can accommodate even more poker players!
6. Running. The Crohns & Collitis run is fast approaching. We are getting ready & getting excited. The run is in honor of my friend Pam who passed away in January. If you'd like to sponsor me (please!) you can do it safely here:
I have raised $825. I am just $175 short of my goal! The run also falls on Miles' first birthday, so while I am going to be a little sad remembering our friend Pam, I think the day will be a lot of fun.
7. Heading to the Cabin. As per usual, I just can't wait to get there (and I just left!)
8. Taking Miles to an outdoor water park. I can't wait. I know he'd love it, the kid lives for bath time. I was thinking about stopping in Lloyd at Bud Miller, a water park I use to love when I was little. I hope it still exists.
9. A New Bathroom! We live with one bathroom. And it's getting harder and harder to keep that one clean (in case someone stops by). I can't wait for Brian & my Dad to finish our ensuite. We have all the stuff (I bought the coolest tile) just sitting there. Time to get it done!
10. Bike Rides. I am looking for a seat for Miles for the back of my bike. I got him a cute little helmet & now all we need is some good weather.


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Bud Miller water park is still there or at least it was last year. We took our niece there last fall when we were up there for a visit. She had an absolute blast! I'm sure Miles'll love it!

Kimberly said...

what about the spray park in HR??? Tara Kacey and I go all the time. We would even let you sit with us!

Carol T said...

I'll be living at the spray park in High River this summer, too!

Lee-Anne said...

Fort McMurray had four awesome water/spray parks. I did know there was one in High River. There is one in North Glenmore Park as my husband grew up near there. Take 90th Ave. to 24 Street S.W. and turn right at the lights. There is a picnic area and water park.

Martha said...

High River spray park is fantastic. We love going there.

Lee-Anne said...

Can someone please tell me where the High River Spray Park is???? I would love to go there this summer.