Thursday, May 21, 2009


I cleaned the house from 3-7 today. 4 hours of cleaning! So after all that, and once Miles was fed & in bed, do you think I felt like making dinner (and another mess)? Heck no. So for dinner tonight I had Compliments Rainbow Sherbet. mmmmmmmm. This is BY FAR the best rainbow sherbet you can have at home. And it's fat free. Go buy it. Seriously. Go. It will make you happy. Go. Now.
Anyway, I ate like, 1/3 of the container. Can someone please give me heck? For real. Lecture me. Yell at me. I deserve it.


Carol T said...

Yell. Yell some more.
There. Feel better? I'm actually only yelling at you to BRING ME SOME! LOL. That looks so good.

Kimberly said...

I will yell at you for eating fat free sherbet if you yell at me for eating trans fatty con queso dip and chips..... and nothing fat free.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

We must of been in the same mood last night when it came to cooking. For dinner it was a couple pudding cups. I know I'm bad too!