Thursday, May 21, 2009


I'll be the first one to admitt that I have a regularly changing "Freebie Five". I can fall in lust in mere seconds. However, one constant is George Stromboulopoulos. He's not #1, but he has moved permanently into the top five. (Anyone who doesn't know what a Freebie Five is should google it & then promptly make their own before they run into their verison of Isabella Rossellini.)
We're headed to Toronto in June for a Ross family reunion & Brians cousin (who has friends in high places....) got us tickets to The Hour. Be still my heart.
After that I fully intend to hit up a Jazz club. And after that, well, I don't care what happens. I am so excited.
My Freebie Five
(as of May 21st, 2009)
1. Paul Rudd.
2. Matthew Grey Gubler (Don't ask why, even I don't know).
3. George Stromboulopoulos
4. Johnny Depp
5. Owen Wilson (No. The nose doesn't bother me.)


Carol T said...

Mine is:
1. Brendan Fraser
2. Nico (from So You Think You Can Dance Canada)
3. Seth Green
4. David Boreanaz
5. Simon Baker (from The Mentalist)

My tastes vary from funny to sexy to strong to goofy, obviously...

Carol T said...

PS I love Matthew too. Sexy.

schmidthouse said...

one of my favorite episodes of friends!!!

onthewaydown said...

Well I guess I have a few choices for Halloween next year...