Monday, November 30, 2009

Winner. Winner.

I decided the best way to pick the winner would be (this time) by checking out all of their "inspiring" recommendation. I have to hand it to Carol who recommended going to when you need a little inspiration.
I just loved the site. And there were lots of great styles and pages to outright COPY. Love it.
(Thanks for all of the comments ladies!)
Carol you are a winner. Well, our winner ;)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Win me!

To Celebrate our store's big accomplishment...
we're gonna give stuff away to our Followers!

Win this Love Me Do paper pack from My Minds Eye just by telling us who's layouts you love & why! (It could be a "scrapbook celebrity", a great friend, or even your own!) Just put your 2 cents in the comment section!
Not a follower? Become one today & leave your comment! Winner will be chosen on Monday November 30th.

Here is who can create layouts I just love:
Celebrity? Cathy Zeilske. I love her simplicity.
Friends? Susan Tutt. You've got some talent girl! Your attention to detail blows my mind.
Michelle Gier, I love your pictures. I love your placement. You've got a good eye.

Oh wow.

Our store has been featured on the My Minds Eye blog! It's a pretty big deal (for us)! I'd like to say it made my week, but I've been having a great week so far. Here's why:

1. I am successfully raising a reader. Miles follows me around the house with a book all the time. Here we are, plunked down in the middle of the kitchen floor (dinner can wait!) reading a book. I never want to say no, but I think I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar 4 times yesterday. The boy just loves to read! (Special thanks to my friend Tasha who started a Baby Book Club! We can't wait for each new selection!)

2. Go to Thanks My Minds Eye! That means a lot to me. I just love this company.

3. I'm going away this weekend to scrapbook. And with my favourite girls (minus Tara!). I am filled with hope that my Sister-in-law Lindsay is able to get more than two pages done this weekend (she's a perfectionist!). I can't wait to see Jesse and catch up on her busy life & then there's the quality time I get to spend with Sloane, I mean, Kacey. And YES, I am pumped to see Kim's new Ugg boots. I miss you Kim. Come home.

4. A new line from TPC called Deck the Halls has arrived. The paper is so traditional. There are matching stickers, rhinestones & rub-ons. And lots of these papers are foiled/glittered/die-cut.

5. Yesterday I had 2 Chai Lattes. That's an indulgence.

6. I had time to clean my car this week. Inside & out. And it looks good. Who doesn't love a clean car? Really though, isn't it one of your favourite things?

7. Brian has promised to put up Christmas lights while I am gone away this weekend. I hope he doesn't get carried away... he can be a bit of a Clark Griswold if I let him. One time he started his parents roof on fire (true story!)

8. Oooh. I got a free CD from Starbucks when I bought some stuff this week. It has the Redemption Song sang by John Legend on it. It's un-freakin-believable. I just love Starbucks. They account for about 5% of my Christmas spirit. Is that wrong?

9. Vinyl Cafe is only a week away! (This is a Ross family tradition!) Stuart Mclean, I love you. You make me so happy.
If you've never heard of this absolutely heart warming radio show, then go to It truly is a Canadian treasure. Or subscribe to their free pod casts (like I do!)

10. My Christmas Cards (from Heritage Makers) have been ordered. Can't wait for them to get here! There's still time to do yours, go to . Choose a template & you'll be done in no time!

Friday, November 20, 2009

This paper is cute enough. Cute enough to use on Miles' bath pictures (which of course I think are the cutest pictures EVER.) And the perfect colors.
This new line from Piggy Tales is bright, double-sided and adorable.
Also check out matching Barn Doors. A cute way in incorporate small pictures & bits of journaling into your layouts!


Just in time for Christmas Cards!
The Colorbox Smooch Spritz arrived yesterday & by the time I got home, I was covered in it. From head to tow. My fingers were blue. I would have made a beautiful Christmas Card! The colors are so vivid and these sprays will works well with the Tattered Angels screens. Can't wait to experiment even more!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I think I am stuck in a rut.

Yesterday in order to make a break from it, I ordered my friend and personal style consultant (hair dresser) Kacey to dye my hair pink. Not my whole head (she's smarter than that). Last night Brian & I went into the city & I saw a relatively homely looking girl at a bus stop with pink hair. What have I done? I love it. And then I hate it. And then love it again.

In what I thought was an un-related act (but they are all related aren't they?) I decided to change my scent. I've loved Estee Lauder Pleasures since grade 10. But for some reason, I saw this cute bottle on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart & so when it smelled good... I bought it.

Am I suffering a mid-mommy crisis? I mean, I never felt the loss of my former life after Miles was born, but now that baby #2 is on the way, I can't help but think.... My days of low cut shirts, experimental hair (I had "twists" for a while in College) & using the F word loosely are over. Or am I just in a rut? In a rut because the kid at Starbucks gave me a weird look when I pulled up in the drive-thru rockin' out with Miles & blasting Rancid loudly in my car? Was he thinking "That baby is going to loose his hearing?" or just "Let it go old lady." Should I be switching to John Mayer? I hate John Mayer.

It's not like I was ever an edgy person, but I feel like I am losing the right to become one if I so choose.

Today, I am clearly having a crisis. Help.

Friday, November 13, 2009


10 Would You Rather's?
I thought I'd try and spice up my top 10 this week. 'Would You Rather' is always a fun game & can start a healthy (hopefully) debate. I picked some questions that were a little on the serious side but tried to keep it light & fun. Here it goes..
(If interested, post some of of your choices in the comment section)

1. Would you rather always wear earmuffs or a nose plug?
Ear muffs. I'd still be able to hear, just not well. And I know it would turn me into one of those obnoxious people who yells all the time, but I can't imagine not being able to smell. I think of Brian because he is always smelling our Milk before he drinks it (paranoid much?), he would pick Ear muffs for sure!

2. Would you rather be a dog named Killer or a cat named Fluffy?
A cat. I'd probably like a dog named Killer better for a pet, but if I had to be one, I'd choose the cat. I picture this cat as spoiled and stroked all day long. I'd love that.

3. Would you rather be forced to tell your best friend a lie or tell your parents the truth?
Tell my parents the truth. I've gotten to a point in my life where I am feeling totally accountable for my actions (it was a long time coming). It feels good to just have things out in the open. Plus I quit smoking years ago & they know I'm not a virgin (Miles!) so I think I'm pretty safe :)
Also, I can't imagine lying to Jules. Luckily she has good taste & makes smart decisions so I don't ever feel like I have to. Although I will say I think some of the outfits she dresses Egor (her pet pug) in borderline animal abuse!

4. Would you rather be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate?
Someone I hate. Knowing me, I wouldn't hate them by the time we left.

5. Would you rather eat a stick of butter or a gallon of ice cream?
A stick of butter. Because I love butter (especially the salty kind). And if someone MADE me eat butter, I'd have no guilt and I bet it would taste even better then.

6. Would you rather end hunger or hatred?
Hatred. Then we would help feed each other willingly.

7. Would you rather get caught singing in the mirror or spying on your crush?
Spying on my crush. Which would just mean I'd be caught peeking in on Brian in the shower (I still do that! He smells so good in the shower. Overshare?) But if people got to see me singing around my house, I'd loose all my friends. I am a god awful singer. Bad enough to loose friends. And also... I dance. Not well, but I dance. And sometimes I get delusional and think my dancing is "So You Think You Can Dance" -like quilaity and then I'll bet I look like a really big ass. So yeah, spying on my crush. For sure.

8. Would you rather have a missing finger or have an extra toe?
Extra Toe. I'd be mourning the loss of Flip Flop season, but as a mom, I often wish for an extra arm. We need one, non? I can't imagine being short one finger.

9. Would you rather live without music or live without T.V.?
I'd be so sad without music. It's my "go to" when I need to get out of a FUNK. It makes me happy & calms me down. However, if this said POP music.... different ball game.
TV would have to go. Take it please. Pleeease. I'm way getting too addicted again. Here is a list of shows I watch weekly: CSI Miami, Lie To Me, Criminal Minds, The Mentalist, Parks & Recreation, The Office & So You Think You Can Dance (I always FF through the results show...). Imagine what I could get done if that all just disappeared. But alas, I don't have the will power to make it happen.

10. Would you rather publish your diary or make a movie on your most embarrassing moment?
I've had my diary "published" and it wasn't good. Without going into details that will send me running back to my therapist, it was a hard year. And I lost some friends. And I felt horrible about the things I had written. But in the end, I'm OK with it. I realized that as Bridget Jones correctly states "Everyone knows Diaries are just full of crap." And mine was. It was mean and vicious, but I was 20 and it's not an accurate account of how I really felt anyhow. It was how I felt in those moments. So, I'd publish my diary (which I haven't kept since College when this happened) and wouldn't worry about what other people thought.

Layout 086

Miles is turning 1 by Haley Ross
(click to enlarge)
I took too many pictures at Miles' first birthday. Too many. My friend Kim asked me if I was going to scrapbook as much for baby #2 as I am for Miles. Heck no. In fact, I am going to start by taking less pictures. But for now, I'll scrapbook 'em if I got 'em. I stole the idea for this layout from Creating Keepsakes. I had kept some of the Birthday cards Miles received & I wanted to somehow put them into his album. So I folded this piece of vellum over the bottom of the page & made a cute pocket. I like the vellum because you still see the cards (which are so cute and colorful!).

Materials: Patterned Paper: We R Memory Keepers; Decorative Strip: Bazzill Basics; Brads: Doodlebug Designs; Colored Staples: making memories; Alphabet letters: Thickers by American Crafts; Other: Vellum & Cricut die-cut.

Layout 085

Family Matters by Haley Ross
(click to enlarge)
I am in love with Jenni Bowlin. Sometimes a line comes out & you feel as though you could use it on everything. I feel this way about Jenni Bowlin. It's like she's making her stuff with em in mind. There is always a little something so that you can include journaling (journaling spots, memo note pads, lined paper) which I love. And I love using Red, White & Blue in a non-American way (it's harder than you think). I love this picture of Brian & Miles. My boys. I love 'em. I also love love love the chipboard buttons (I popped mine up for some dimension) and I can honestly say that the School themed alphabet stickers are one of my new favorite things. I've used them at least, at least, half a dozen times already.
Materials: Cardstock: Coredinations; Patterned Paper: Jenni Bowlin: Chipboard buttons, Journaling Spot & Alphabet Stickers: Jenni Bowlin; Chipboard Letters: Lil' Davis; Ribbon: May Arts; Pen: Zig Writer by EK Success.

Layout 084

Forever by Haley Ross
(double-click to enlarge)
A childhood friend passed away in January. In February, when I went on a scrapbook retreat, I took these pictures & mementos from her funeral to scrapbook. But I couldn't do it. Maybe I wasn't in the right frame of mind, maybe it was too soon but I felt sad. And I wanted to feel happy & in remembrance when I finally scrapbooked Pam. That wasn't the only challenge... the funeral program was stark white & I really wanted to include it. I also wanted to include pictures of the last time we were with Pam (the previous summer). And they didn't match at all. But I realised this: Sometimes in scrapbooking there is a bigger purpose. Sometimes it's about the memory & the meaning and not about your paper choice. Not about the sticker & buttons. So I am happy with this layout. Because it is completed, and I was able to include everything I wanted to.

I cut Pam's funeral card (I took two) up and using a Close To My Heart photo flap, I was able to make an interactive page. Behind the beautiful picture of Pam, you can see the inside of the card. These flaps are awesome. And inexpensive. If you need a Close To My Heart sales rep (that's the only way you can order these great little 4x6 self-adhesive flaps) check out Erin's Blog. She'll hook you up!
Materials: Patterned Paper: My Minds Eye; Ribbon: Stampin' Up; Photo Flaps: Close to My Heart; Chipboard Letters: Pink Paislee; Pen: Zig Writer by EK Success.


By posting this, I am creating some.

TODAY (not tomorrow and not next week) I am going to post some layouts on my blog. Which means I am going to journal my arse off to finish an actual layout (I have dozens of half finished ones). If you don't see one on here by the end of the day, call me names, delete me as your Facebook friend or throw rocks at me. Seriously. I need to buck up.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


10 Things that are making me happy right NOW.
1. Stephen Colbert. He's making a stink about Canadian athletes having more access to the Vancouver facilities than the Americans. He's calling us cheaters. I love it. Of course we get the access, we paid for the building... And in Atlanta & Salt Lake City they did the same thing. And Colbert knows that. But in the meantime he can get a little more attention (maybe even some money) for athletes that Americans don't generally support (Winter Olympians). Good for him. I love this guy.
2. Mandarin Oranges. It's that time of year! Now I just have to wait until December 1st for Egg Nog. Mmmm.
3. Schliech Animals. I usually let Miles pick out one when we go to the mall or toy store. Usually. And yesterday he picked a bear. And then started 'roaring'. I didn't know he knew what noise a bear made. He sat in the backseat & growled the whole way home. It made my day.

4. I have received my shipment of Nudo autumn oils from Italy. And they are all they were cracked up to be. I am excited to hunker down with some more Ciabatta bread tonight & try the next flavour of oil (lemon!). Adopting an Olive Oil Tree was the best gift Brian has ever given me (next to Miles... and my Tiffanys ring). Check out the cute packaging! Love it.

5. Waffle Tees from the Gap. The XL are working perfectly for comfortably covering this baby bump. They wash up nicely, they aren't too hot or clingy. Love 'em.

6. This picture. The talented Michelle Gier took it. And I love it. I having said before (might sound like bragging. So what.) that I am totally lucky to have her with Miles everyday. Of course I love seeing pictures of Miles, but even better, I can see what he does when I am not there. This is my baby out getting some fresh air... Thank Michelle. We love you.
7. The Salvage Center. Which is now the home of a car-load of my old junk (including some great jackets & books that I know will find a good home). It's so much easier to 'simplify' when you know your things are going to be re-used.

8. Henri Bendel Fig Candles. I have avoided Bath & Bodyworks since it opened at Chinook Center. I DON'T need anymore bath products. I NEED to use what I have. But Kim sent me in there to pick up something for her, so I ended up bringing home one of the Fig candles they sell. My second favourite candles ever (Love the Wood Wick Cotton Flower ones even more!)

9. The new basket I bought to put Miles' toys in. It was much needed. The living rooms looks better already!

10. An easy fire. So easy I can just light one up when Brian isn't home. And this is the time of year you want to feel cozy... a fire will do that instantly.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Hard Days Work

... and these hands are the proof.
Thanks ladies, for a fabulous weekend.

Beautiful products from My Minds Eye, Riff Raff Designs & Tattered Angels... ready to be made in something fabulous!

Focus & concentration.

Kim adds a little "something" to her first ever Starbucks!

Eager beavers first thing in the morning!
Trisha & Jill (who won the Grand Prize Trisha provided).

Smiles all around for a girls night out!

Trisha Ladouceur shares all her goodies with the girls in a cute Make&Take box for Christmas baking (I'm giving mine to myself!)
It's been a long night (maybe too long?).

Ready to Party!

Colorful Christmas chipboard all ready for a Make&Take!
96 Sweet little Crave Cupcakes

Custom Candles made with love (thanks girls!)

Lots of great My Minds Eye prizes to be won.

Cute Metal signs for the Pick-a-stick game!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Love is something if you give it away...
you end up having more!

And I LOVE this Winter Woodland Cricut Cartridge & it is just one of the great prizes we are giving away at our Weekend To Unwind. I love giving stuff away, makes me feel like Oprah or Ellen (she gives away sooo much cool stuff.). The perfect job for me would just be giving away stuff all day. But here's the catch: I like getting an appreciative reaction.
Quick Story: I was at Scrapfest a couple years ago & Ranger had just come out with their new paint daubers. They weren't available in stores yet, but the Ranger instructor had a full set she was giving away in the class. So cool. I was so envious of the woman who's name was called (I was thinking I might beat her up & steal her goodies in the parking lot.....okay, not really.) Jealously isn't a good thing. But I wasn't just jealous, I was raging. Because when her name was called, she looked annoyed that she had to get up to claim her prize. She didn't smile. She didn't say Thank You. I was furious. I know I don't need those daubers. I am lucky. I have a store, and I get all sorts of goodies. I didn't deserve to win. But someone who at least looked appreciative should have. That's my story.
I think most people feel the same. It's fun to see someone excited. And that's the best part of giving stuff away. That's why Oprah is so lucky. That's why I am so lucky (for this weekend anyway). You can purchase tickets to our party for $15! It's from 7-10pm tomorrow and it features a mini class with My Minds Eye instructor Trisha Ladouceur.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello November!

Everyone is saying it.. and I too cannot believe November is here already. Where did this year go? It went fast, and I don't say that every year (especially when I am pregnant and time seems to go so slowly!).
For me, November is usually spent waiting for December, which is my 2nd favourite month of the year (August at the cabin in my fav.). But this November there is lots to do.

Thing 1: Put away Halloween/Fall decorations. Christmas decorations really aren't welcomed until mid-November (and that's pushing it!). So I have two weeks where the house looks a little sad. Oh well, a good time to clean in the cracks & crevasses I guess. Question: Do you ladies keep old Halloween costumes (I am now the proud owner of a giant stuffed Nemo costume, see above)?

Thing 2: Book club(s). I am excited to bite into the book for our Book Club this month. And I also got to choose the book for Baby Book Club! Miles & I love reading The Juggling Pug! by Sean Bryan. It's cute, not too wordy & has a funny ending. Love it!

Thing 3: Another retreat. Yup! Me= Spoiled. But I am trying to squeeze in one more retreat before Baby2 arrives. So I am off to Pincher Creek in November & pretty darn excited about it!

Thing 4: The Weekend To Unwind. Now, most of the leg work is done & there's not much left to do but PAR-TAY! I am excited for this weekend & thankful for all the help I was offered. Want to party with us? Call 938.2391 to let us know you're 'IN' for cosmos, cupcakes & crafts this Friday at 7pm!

Thing 5: Remembrance day. I wish I could take Miles to Wainwright to watch the veterans march down the street & lay their poppy wreaths at the clock. I use to do this as a kid & I know it instilled a great respect for our veterans into me, as well as a little patience (we weren't allowed to goof off & run around until afterward at the legion). I'll be looking for somewhere to take Miles this year to pay our respects to all the brave men & women. If you know of a good place hit up the comment section.
Our store will be closed on November 11th.

Thing 6: Dentist Appointments. I HATE the dentist. How am I ever going to be able to set a good example for my kids?

Thing 7: Digital Gifts. I need to get my Heritage Makers cards done (which I will do at our class next Tuesday) as well as a couple brag books I am working on. Sign up now!