Tuesday, November 10, 2009


10 Things that are making me happy right NOW.
1. Stephen Colbert. He's making a stink about Canadian athletes having more access to the Vancouver facilities than the Americans. He's calling us cheaters. I love it. Of course we get the access, we paid for the building... And in Atlanta & Salt Lake City they did the same thing. And Colbert knows that. But in the meantime he can get a little more attention (maybe even some money) for athletes that Americans don't generally support (Winter Olympians). Good for him. I love this guy.
2. Mandarin Oranges. It's that time of year! Now I just have to wait until December 1st for Egg Nog. Mmmm.
3. Schliech Animals. I usually let Miles pick out one when we go to the mall or toy store. Usually. And yesterday he picked a bear. And then started 'roaring'. I didn't know he knew what noise a bear made. He sat in the backseat & growled the whole way home. It made my day.

4. I have received my shipment of Nudo autumn oils from Italy. And they are all they were cracked up to be. I am excited to hunker down with some more Ciabatta bread tonight & try the next flavour of oil (lemon!). Adopting an Olive Oil Tree was the best gift Brian has ever given me (next to Miles... and my Tiffanys ring). Check out the cute packaging! Love it.

5. Waffle Tees from the Gap. The XL are working perfectly for comfortably covering this baby bump. They wash up nicely, they aren't too hot or clingy. Love 'em.

6. This picture. The talented Michelle Gier took it. And I love it. I having said before (might sound like bragging. So what.) that I am totally lucky to have her with Miles everyday. Of course I love seeing pictures of Miles, but even better, I can see what he does when I am not there. This is my baby out getting some fresh air... Thank Michelle. We love you.
7. The Salvage Center. Which is now the home of a car-load of my old junk (including some great jackets & books that I know will find a good home). It's so much easier to 'simplify' when you know your things are going to be re-used.

8. Henri Bendel Fig Candles. I have avoided Bath & Bodyworks since it opened at Chinook Center. I DON'T need anymore bath products. I NEED to use what I have. But Kim sent me in there to pick up something for her, so I ended up bringing home one of the Fig candles they sell. My second favourite candles ever (Love the Wood Wick Cotton Flower ones even more!)

9. The new basket I bought to put Miles' toys in. It was much needed. The living rooms looks better already!

10. An easy fire. So easy I can just light one up when Brian isn't home. And this is the time of year you want to feel cozy... a fire will do that instantly.

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Carol T said...

That pic of Miles is AMAZING. Wow.