Monday, November 2, 2009

Hello November!

Everyone is saying it.. and I too cannot believe November is here already. Where did this year go? It went fast, and I don't say that every year (especially when I am pregnant and time seems to go so slowly!).
For me, November is usually spent waiting for December, which is my 2nd favourite month of the year (August at the cabin in my fav.). But this November there is lots to do.

Thing 1: Put away Halloween/Fall decorations. Christmas decorations really aren't welcomed until mid-November (and that's pushing it!). So I have two weeks where the house looks a little sad. Oh well, a good time to clean in the cracks & crevasses I guess. Question: Do you ladies keep old Halloween costumes (I am now the proud owner of a giant stuffed Nemo costume, see above)?

Thing 2: Book club(s). I am excited to bite into the book for our Book Club this month. And I also got to choose the book for Baby Book Club! Miles & I love reading The Juggling Pug! by Sean Bryan. It's cute, not too wordy & has a funny ending. Love it!

Thing 3: Another retreat. Yup! Me= Spoiled. But I am trying to squeeze in one more retreat before Baby2 arrives. So I am off to Pincher Creek in November & pretty darn excited about it!

Thing 4: The Weekend To Unwind. Now, most of the leg work is done & there's not much left to do but PAR-TAY! I am excited for this weekend & thankful for all the help I was offered. Want to party with us? Call 938.2391 to let us know you're 'IN' for cosmos, cupcakes & crafts this Friday at 7pm!

Thing 5: Remembrance day. I wish I could take Miles to Wainwright to watch the veterans march down the street & lay their poppy wreaths at the clock. I use to do this as a kid & I know it instilled a great respect for our veterans into me, as well as a little patience (we weren't allowed to goof off & run around until afterward at the legion). I'll be looking for somewhere to take Miles this year to pay our respects to all the brave men & women. If you know of a good place hit up the comment section.
Our store will be closed on November 11th.

Thing 6: Dentist Appointments. I HATE the dentist. How am I ever going to be able to set a good example for my kids?

Thing 7: Digital Gifts. I need to get my Heritage Makers cards done (which I will do at our class next Tuesday) as well as a couple brag books I am working on. Sign up now!


Jennifer DeWolfe said...

I believe the Museum of the Regiments in Calgary does a laying of the wreaths ceremony with veterans. It on crowchild trail across from where CFB Calgary used to be. I think they also do something downtown but I am not sure about that one.

Martha said...

The Juggling Pug?? I must get this book, we love our pug DeJa.

Rememberance Day is a very important day around here too. Search online for local legions.

Can't wait for the Weekend to Unwind. Woot Woot.