Friday, October 30, 2009

C'est l'Halloween!

I love Halloween. Love it. Sometimes I wish it were Bigger. Longer. And more celebrated. I love it. Cute kids (um, not to sound arrogant but check out mine above, pretty freakin' cute, non?). Candy. What's not to love?

Tomorrow we'll be busy as can be (we have 3 pumpkins to carve!) so I thought I should post my 10 Randoms today.

10 Silly Things I am Afraid of...
  1. Fluorescent light bulbs. (This includes the CFL bulbs we use at home.) I once saw one get dropped and it exploded.
  2. Winter driving.
  3. Undeveloped basements. I never go in mine late at night. Who know what kind of murders, ghosts and bugs are down there ;) If I am forced to go down there (to do laundry) I always sprint back up the stairs.
  4. The TV getting stuck on Treehouse & not being able to mute it or shut it off.
  5. Balloons. This is totally irrational, but I knew I was really afraid when my New Years Eve was ruined in Mexico because our table was near a balloon arch. I was tense the whole time. I hate balloons.
  6. The movie I am Legend. Of all the horror movies & thrillers I have seen, I must have been in a particular mood when I saw this movie, because it scared the Bejeebus out of me. I can think back on it & know it wasn’t really scary at all, but at the time, I was terrified.
  7. Snakes in water. The way snakes move over the water when they swim creeps me out. Ew.
  8. Random things Miles will put in his mouth. Most recently I was at Sobeys getting groceries and when I looked down Miles had his mouth on the handle of the cart. Freaked me out.
  9. Having a gun held to my head & being forced to become an Oilers fan. Just pull the trigger.
  10. Rip Tides. My mom was holding my sister while playing the ocean when we were little. An undercurrent just picked them both up & knocked them over. More recently, Brian & I were in Hawaii and I remember vividly getting dragged along the bottom of the ocean while we “played” in the waves. I still go in the ocean all the time, but while most people are scared of sharks or Jellyfish, it’s the power of the currents that get me…

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Hahaha! Love number 9 :) I agree with rip tides ... those are freaking scary and the jelly fish too. Happy Be-lated Halloweeen, Miles looks so cute with the pumpkins!