Thursday, October 29, 2009


Today my "To Do" list seemed longer than normal. There were swimming lessons, laundry, Facebook-ing (Haha!), Cleaning & the usual Thursday items on it. Miles didn't sleep much last night which means I knew I wouldn't get everything on my list done, I knew it and I had accepted it. So imagine my surprise when I did. And I managed to sneak in a few bonus errands.

I stopped by Monkey Mountain, the new toy store in town, to pick up two birthday presents for Saturday (scratch that off tomorrows list!). I love this store. It's adorable. And it's so nice to have an option other than Wal-Mart (we all know how I feel about Wal-Mart!) in town. I am addicted to the wooden toys & puzzles made by Melissa & Doug (check out This store has an amazing selection of their stuff. So, Teegan is getting a "cookie" set & Devyn is getting a puzzle. Perfect.

My girlfriend Teresa had a baby boy on the weekend. I stopped in to meet him today. He's beautiful & smells delicious. Welcome to the world little Seth Goldstein! We love you so much already!

A lot of people have been asking me what I am "making" with the white paper lanterns that are in the store. Nothing. Not a thing. But I am crossing another task off my list as they get hung from the ceilings tonight in preparation for our Weekend To Unwind Cocktail Party (on Friday November 6th!). Thanks to my brother-in-law* Ryan, Brian and my dad for their help. The store is gonna look so lovely.

Want to come to our event? Tickets are $15 & available now! Once you're in the door, you'll be privy to in-store specials, Crave Cupcakes (mmmmm), our open bar & best of all: an exclusive mini class with Trisha Ladouceur from My Minds Eye. There are prizes to be won & socializing to be done, so don't miss this fabulous evening. Ph. (403) 938.2391 for tickets. Hope to see you there!

So what's next? There's still a lot to do. I am looking for rolls of white paper to cover the tables. If anyone knows where I can get these please leave a comment. I also need some good trays for our servers that night...

* Not officially my brother-in-law but I can hope, non?


Chrystal Adams said...

As you know, Melissa and Josh are not married "yet" but I introduce her as my sister in law. There is more to being a "brother-sister in law" then them being married. So you call him whatever you want! lol

Scrap 4 It said...

I think you can get large rolls of white paper at Cancuk amusements in Calgary ( near Mount Royal University) give them a call first before you go.
Have a great time!! I wish I could come :(

Monkey Mountain Toys & Games said...

Thanks so much for your super sweet comments about the store Haley! :) Don't know how big your tables are but if you think rolls of white easel paper would work we have some...they are 18" wide x 75 ft long.