Friday, October 9, 2009


So, I knew Kim Collis was an amazing friend. I knew it. But she's really outdone herself. And one amazing friend apparently leads to another... Catherine Pooley, a friend of Kim's helped her to make me 15 (fifteen!) meals (these are the ones that wouldn't fit into the upstairs freezer!!!). I can't even begin to tell you how GRATEFUL I am for this. A couple reasons:
1. I was in & out (mostly in) the hospital for 9 days. During those 9 days, Brian ate at McDonalds at least 12 times. Gross, but true. And he can cook, he just didn't have the time. These pre-cooked meals are going to be a savior for him.
2. Brian was signed up to run a 1/2 marathon in Kelowna this weekend. It took some convincing, but he finally went (I really wanted him to, he trained so hard). My sister Carmelle is out taking care of Miles & I this weekend, so we'll be eating like queens! And Carmelle deserves that for all the help she is giving me.
3. Because my family is running in Kelowna this weekend, there is no Thanksgiving dinner planned (My parents, other sister & B.I.L are in Kelowna as well.) One of these meals (Chili or Canelloni?) will be my "turkey" on Sunday.
Thanks Kim & Catherine. Clearly you friggin' rock.


Kimberly said...

do you want me to bring home turkey for you? I will..... just say the word.

Shannon said...

That Kim Collis really is the bomb! I was sick with Hailey but you really have taken the cake with this pregnancy .... I hope you start to feel better and that everything turns out .... I suspect it is a girl as I was told that only daughter would start off the relationship this way with their mother ..... I ended up with a girl!