Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Layout #210

Come Together by Haley Ross
Bet you didn't think I'd ever post another layout...let alone 2 in one day. Well, I did. Reluctantly. I hate my camera. One day it just stopped taking good pictures. And it breaks my heart. So here is the best I could do... Its so blurry.
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics & BoBunny; Patterned Paper: ATD; Alphabet Stickers: Doodlebug Designs; Chipboard: Making Memories.

Layout #209

Riding Thomas by Haley Ross
I worked on this page forever. Not by choice. I was so excited when I decided to make my own train tracks... but once I started I realized that would mean setting about 40 brads. Blech. But sometimes an idea is worth the effort. I am happy with my little tracks! I am toying with the idea of adding another picture to the page (over the map we got that day) but I cant decide. It is a pretty cool map... I also love the ticket stickers, they've been in my stash forever & are finally being put to good use...
Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: EK Success, Stampin' Up; Brads: Making Memories; Alphabet Stickers: Making Memories & Lil' Davis.

More Important Than Ever...

I have a pet peeve... Something that grates my nerves... If you mumble these words my spine crawls... and yet, every once in a while I let them slip. "I'm just so busy." (Or any variation of...). Hearing those words makes me batty. We are all busy. We are all pressed for time. But if you could only use the world busy when you really were unusually busy, then we might find ourselves saying it only 6 times a year. But because we have such full lives, we've adopted the word busy as our excuse-all. And it makes me mad. If you are constantly saying you are busy, then you probably have time management issues... No one should be busy all the time. But we all seem to think we are.
I was going to blog about not blogging. I was going to spout off some excuses about being busy. But I am not busy. Blogging is just not making the cute when it comes to things I would like to get done.
Scrapbooking hasn't made the cut much these days either. Which is sad. I run into people who I've met through scrapbooking & I am always surprised when I hear someone has given it up. Especially when I saw how excited they were about it. I can't imagine NOT scrapbooking. So I am making time for it. Which in turn means I will be making time for myself. And I am looking forward to that. I am not too busy. Yes, I have little kids (many women have more than I). Yes, I have a house to clean, work to do, books to read, a husband to spend time with & friends to see. I have a cat to feed, groceries to buy, gas to get got & dinner to be made. But I am not too busy to scrapbook. Or update my blog. Because I've missed it. And that means it is worth making time for.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


10 Things to look forward to in 2011.

1. Brian using the new steamer to de-wrinkle his dress shirts every morning. Thank goodness. There couldn't be better timing as he starts his new job on Tuesday.
2. A road trip to the US with my friend Kacey. We're going to see Wicked. I am so excited!
3. I am going to learn to quilt. Yes. I am.
4. Turkey in September! And I don't mean the meat! We have high hopes of hauling the kids around the world to see a great friend get married.
5. Watching Molly motor around the house. She is growing so fast.
6. Taking Miles to his first Flames game (tomorrow!). He is going to love it.
7. Water-skiing at the lake this summer.
8. My friend Tasha is pregnant with baby #2. I can't wait to never hear from her again... just kidding (she will be busy but thank goodness we have Facebook). I am so excited to find out.. Boy or Girl?
9. Finally getting to open some of the wine we have been coveting. It's been about 7 years since we really started to 'collect'. Now it's time to 'sample' our wares. Woohoo!
10. Eating dinner with my family. With me taking on a part-time job & Brian working days, I am looking forward to putting my cooking knowledge (yep, I have some) to good use. I hated making dinner only to eat alone (or with an unappreciative toddler). I can't wait for family dinners to hit my table. I am so looking forward to reconnecting with my husband over good grub.