Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Important Than Ever...

I have a pet peeve... Something that grates my nerves... If you mumble these words my spine crawls... and yet, every once in a while I let them slip. "I'm just so busy." (Or any variation of...). Hearing those words makes me batty. We are all busy. We are all pressed for time. But if you could only use the world busy when you really were unusually busy, then we might find ourselves saying it only 6 times a year. But because we have such full lives, we've adopted the word busy as our excuse-all. And it makes me mad. If you are constantly saying you are busy, then you probably have time management issues... No one should be busy all the time. But we all seem to think we are.
I was going to blog about not blogging. I was going to spout off some excuses about being busy. But I am not busy. Blogging is just not making the cute when it comes to things I would like to get done.
Scrapbooking hasn't made the cut much these days either. Which is sad. I run into people who I've met through scrapbooking & I am always surprised when I hear someone has given it up. Especially when I saw how excited they were about it. I can't imagine NOT scrapbooking. So I am making time for it. Which in turn means I will be making time for myself. And I am looking forward to that. I am not too busy. Yes, I have little kids (many women have more than I). Yes, I have a house to clean, work to do, books to read, a husband to spend time with & friends to see. I have a cat to feed, groceries to buy, gas to get got & dinner to be made. But I am not too busy to scrapbook. Or update my blog. Because I've missed it. And that means it is worth making time for.


Lee-Anne said...
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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

I totally agree with this post! But I am one who always says I am busy too! I think it is a default answer. Some times I am busy but other times it is my excuse to do things I don't want to do. To me, it's a nice way of saying it's not you ... it's me :) Funny thing is, I have never said or will you ever here me say I am too busy to scrapbook :)