Saturday, May 31, 2008

I am... toilets, mowing the lawn & filling my planters.
No baby.
I have been on the treadmill. And I walked around the malls (both Chinook & South Centre) for hours yesterday.
No baby.
I did this rolling technique thing on an exersize ball.
No baby.
So today I am trying something new... patience. I'll let you know how it goes.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Pink Paislee

Love the name. Pink Paislee. How cute.
Their new line Office Lingo is here. And it's pretty cute too. Patterned paper, stickers & stamps. I love it all.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A good read.

And there are still a couple of copies left.
I am literally going to "scraplift" about 80% of the layouts in this months issue. And I was pretty excited to think that soon (better be....) I will be able to do all these great DAD layouts with pictures of my husband and our new babe.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

C'est Manifique!

We are in Canada after all...

And apparently somewhere in this country, they speak French (or so I've been told!).
I'm just kidding.
I was excited to get these great French rub-ons/stickers & transparencies to "accent" my layouts from our trips to Montreal. (We go each summer to see Just for Laughs.) How fitting! Come check out all of the different themes: Winter, Travel, Baby & more...
And the best part? They are made in Canada!

Hello? You rock!

Heidi Swapp finally has 12x12 paper. And it was worth the wait. Thank you Heidi.
Totally trendy.
All matchy-matchy.
(Check out this cute picture below from a trade show!)
Very Cute.
In-store now.

Psssst. Look for matching embellishments. I love the little mirrored die cuts.

Love Le Pen

Love them becuase they come in great colors.
Love them becuase they are "cheap like borsche".
Love them because I am addicted pens (also addicted to journaling).

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I know...

I should be scrapbooking....
But decorating the baby room is a little like scrapbooking. It's pretty fun to watch all of the pieces come together.
A while ago I ordered this wall stencil (from Vinyl Wall in Xtra large & white. I was worried because you never know how something will look when it arrives.
Well, it rocks. It's been the inspiration for the whole room.
Order stuff from this website (there is tonnes of adorable stuff). You won't be sorry.


And I thought choosing the perfect paper was hard work...
I love love love both of these fabrics. But I can only use one of them for the valance in the baby's room. So which one? You decide. Please.
We still don't know if this baby is a boy or girl but the theme of the room has been green, brown and very earthy... If it's a girl I figure I can always throw in a pink ribbon here & there...

Sunday, May 18, 2008

New Issue!

And Kim says it's so good. Maybe the best one ever. I'll take her word for it... I'm saving my copy for when I hit the hospital and cannot sleep.
There's a call out right now for Christmas layout entries. I'd love to see some of the Okotoks talent in the next issue of Canadian Scrapbooker. How 'bout it?

Monday, May 12, 2008

Layout 027, 028 & 029

See? I was busy this weekend.

Showered With Gifts by Haley Ross
(double-click to enlarge)
All I wanted to do was get all of my Baby Shower pictures done. It was a lofty goal. Really, there were tonnes of pictures. But I almost did. Partially because I scrapbooked...simple... and with lots of pictures on each page. I am totally 100% happy with the way this page turned out (I copied a layout I used at Christmas but who needs to know?). I LOVE the white cardstock background. I am always a little nervous doing that becuase it can make your layout look so "beginner". I was so happy with the bright pink pen I used. I think I have almost every colour now (I use them a LOT so it's justified!)
Old Stock? Large Sequins, ALL eyelets & brads, pink staples (??) oooh & the stamp!

Materials: Cardstock: Bazzill Basics & Coredinations; Patterned Paper & Eyelets: WeR Memory Keepers; Alphabet Stickers & Ribbon: American Crafts; Colored Staples: making memories; Brads: Queen & Co., Around The Block & Basic Grey; Large Sequin Flowers: Queen & Co.; Stamp: Close to My Heart; Pen: EX Success Zig Writer.

Lucky Me by Haley Ross
(double-click to enlarge)
15 pictures on two pages. Oh yea! I know it's a boring layout, but it serves it's purpose. I like the idea of having a key (each picture is assigned a number and the journaling explains each picture). I used the same line of paper as I did in the previous layout... kind of going with a theme (or pure laziness, you decide). Also, don't you love love love the felt ribbon. It rocks.
Old Stock? Green Staples, all eyelets & brads, flowers, sequin leaves, rub-on swirl and technically I already has the Tiny Alphabet package opened...

Materials: Patterned Paper & Eyelets: We R Memory Keepers; Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts; felt Ribbon: K&Co; Sequin Leaves: Creative Impressions; Flowers: Prima, making memories & Close to My Heart; Brads: Karen Foster & Doodlebug; Number Stickers, Coloured Staples & Rub-On: making memories.

Will I Measure Up? By Haley Ross
(double-click to enlarge)

I have trouble using those big scalloped sheets. I just can't seem to make them work. I think this turned out alright. I like white. It feels so clean & crisp, especially next to all the busy paper. My favourite thing about this layout is that I kept the string that went around my belly and put it into a clear envelope on the page. I think it will be neat to pull it out & see how big I was.
Old Stock? Pretty much all of it. The patterned paper, the stickers, sequin, button, ribbon & envelope. Actually the buckle on the large picture is like, 5 years old (one of the first things I bought when I discovered the clearance section at Scrapbookers Paradise (big mistake, I still have 70% of everything I bought there!)).

Materials: Cardstock & White Scalloped Paper: Bazzill Basics; Patterned Paper: Autumn Leaves; Ribbon: May Arts; Buckle: Scrapworks; Large Sequin Flower: Creative Impressions; Envelope: 3L; Button: Doodlebug; Rub-On: making memories; Alphabet Stickers: K &Co.

Layout 026

Friend by Haley Ross

This picture is pretty dark. Sorry. I am still getting the hang of my new camera lens.
I totally got some serious scrapbooking under my belt this weekend (a little on Friday & a lot on Saturday!). It felt good. I feel like I am making progress.
More American Crafts Thickers (sick of them yet? I'm not!) and making memories Tiny Alphabet (Like I said, BEST value). The main background paper is the new K&Co. Urban Rhapsody. So hot. I love it. And if you've run out of lined paper from Scenic Route it is back in stock (for the time being....) I love that stuff. Can't get enough. Perfect for me, because I love to journal. I even did a little stamping on this layout...
Which supplies did I get from my stash (As per my 2008 Scrapbook Goal)? The canvas tab (been in there forever), flowers, brads & brown ribbon. Woohoo!

Materials: Patterned Paper: K&Co., Anna Griffin, My Minds Eye, Scenic Route; Alphabet Stickers: American Crafts & making memories; Ribbon: May Arts & making memories; Flowers: Prima; Brads: making memories & Basic Grey; Stamp: Paper Inspirations; Ink: Ancient Page; Canvas Tab: Scrapworks; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer


Hopes & Dreams Tin Album by Haley Ross

A couple of weeks ago (after I had my maternity pictures taken) I made up this little album with a letter to my baby. Cheesy I know, but I have so much on my mind. And I thought someday the baby might be having it's own child, and be able to relate to all of these thoughts. Plus, I have some letters from my parents (specifically one that my dad gave me when I graduated) and I love re-reading them and I love having their hand writing on paper. Everything seems to be done on computer these days (Guilty as charged!).
The supplies are girly (I don't know the sex), but the letter is from me & I am very girly. I just loved how well everything came together. And the texture of the Crate Paper & Die Cuts are to die for. Love it. Love it. Love it.

Materials: Paper, Die Cuts & Rub-Ons: Crate Paper; Tin Album: Creative Imaginations; Alphabet Stickers: making memories; Pen: EK Success Zig Writer

Is this...

... going to be a problem?

I'm thinking YES. Koho (our Cat) is loving the baby stuff. He sleeps in the baskets, bassinet & playpen. He never even went into the spare bedroom until it was filled with baby things & now I can't make him come out. Yeah, this IS going to be a problem.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


Was my 37 Week Appointment.
Was the first appointment I went to on my own (Brian had to work.)
Was THE BEST appointment ever (and he missed it!)
The clinic was dead (unusual) and I had a couple questions on my mind (Can the baby move too much? Why don't I feel more contractions?) After the urine sample/weighing/heartbeat/routine the Doctor brought in an ultrasound machine to make sure the baby wasn't breach.
IT WAS AMAZING! I could see the baby in so much detail. I saw eyelashes, little toes, a tiny nose and the cutest little knees. And I didn't cry (it was hard...)
It got me so excited. And I had the rest of the day off, so I came right home to work on my pregnancy scrapbook. I did two layouts (will post Monday).
Yesterday, I also discovered stretch marks. Like, six of them. ( I never really thought I wouldn't get any, I just hoped) But after seeing the baby so sweet in there, for some reason I just dont care. Bring 'em on....

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Let the "Nesting" begin...

Today is, no, was going to be my last day. May 8th. I had chosen this day becuase it would give me a couple weeks to get ready for the baby to come. It's not going to happen....
Not only have I committed to meetings with Rep's on Monday & Tuesday, I have placed a couple new orders (can't wait!) and am totally behind on my bookkeeping.

"Nesting" might have to wait....

It's a funny thing... I'm fat & totally uncomfortable. And all I want to do is clean. (Well, really all I want to do is sleep, but I don't think it's an option....)

Last night when I left the store I was pooped... so I went home and:
* Made homemade pizzas for dinner
* Cleaned the toilets
* Vacuumed and cleaned my hardwood.
* Wrote Thank-You notes.
* Put together the new playpen & vibrating swing.
* Sorted my linen into Rubbermaid bins & moved them to the basement.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This Just In...

The May issue of Scrapbook Trends has arrived. There's an awesome section on Titles that I really enjoyed (creative ways to include them in your layouts....). And for the first time... my store was printed in the back directory (spelt wrong, but still there!). Love this magazine!


pres·sure [préshər]n (plural pres·sures) 1. process of pressing steadily: the applying of a firm regular weight or force against something or somebody The pressure of her hand on his was comforting. 2. constant state of worry and urgency: powerful and stressful demands on somebody’s time, attention, and energy, or one of many demands of this sort 3. force that pushes or urges: something that affects thoughts and behavior in a powerful way, usually in the form of several outside influences working together persuasively 4. physics force per unit area: the force acting on a surface divided by the area over which it acts. Symbol p 5. atmospheric pressure: atmospheric pressure
[14th century. From Latin pressura , which was formed from the stem press- (see press1).]

I am feelin' it... (in more ways that one!)
First, there is the constant pressure against my lungs. When I answer the phone, out of breath, everyone asks "What are you doing?". I'd love to say "running on the treadmill" but the fact of the matter is, I am just out of breath. All the time. And don't even get me started on my bladder pressure....
Second, is the pressure to get things done. There is so much I want to finish (or at least start) before this baby arrives. I have a million layouts in my head that I would like to complete. And although I am working less, I am sleeping more, and cannot seem to find the time to Scrapbook.
While I don't believe in "getting caught up", there are some pages I would like to complete now, while I am in the moment. Here are the themes of a couple layouts I would love to make happen... any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
1. Names. A layout highlighting our final choices for Boy & Girl names.
2. Why we didn't find out the sex.
3. My ultrasound pictures (if I can figure out how to print them out...)
4. Nesting. A layout featuring my SUPER organized pantry, linen closet, scrapbook room & more.
5. The construction of the Babys Room (still taking place... Yikes!)
6. My maternity clothes. What I loved (LONG shirts) What I hated ($$$).

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Just in time for National Scrapbook Day...
The new Simplicity line from Fancy Pants Designs is totally cute. I especially love the ribbon card. Love, love, love the green cotton ribbon.

Friday, May 2, 2008

An Empty Seat.

We have found ourselves with an empty seat for tomorrows National Scrapbook Day event.
If you'd like it, call 938 2391.


Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day!
Ok, so maybe your husband won't be quite this excited....
Still, you can't help but ignore his protests because for many of you, May 3rd will be a full day of pure bliss. Ahhhh.... Scrapbooking!
Prepare yourself for great prizes, fabulous make&takes (our best ever?), great new products & more.
If you missed out on signing up for our event (hey, there's always next year) then stop by for a free make&take* & to see what's new in store.

New. And totally cute.

The Berry Sweet line from K&Co. has arrived. It's just so cute (I just love the bright paper & stickers). There's also a boys line called rough & tumble for those of you without girls...