Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Oh wow.

Our store has been featured on the My Minds Eye blog! It's a pretty big deal (for us)! I'd like to say it made my week, but I've been having a great week so far. Here's why:

1. I am successfully raising a reader. Miles follows me around the house with a book all the time. Here we are, plunked down in the middle of the kitchen floor (dinner can wait!) reading a book. I never want to say no, but I think I read The Very Hungry Caterpillar 4 times yesterday. The boy just loves to read! (Special thanks to my friend Tasha who started a Baby Book Club! We can't wait for each new selection!)

2. Go to Thanks My Minds Eye! That means a lot to me. I just love this company.

3. I'm going away this weekend to scrapbook. And with my favourite girls (minus Tara!). I am filled with hope that my Sister-in-law Lindsay is able to get more than two pages done this weekend (she's a perfectionist!). I can't wait to see Jesse and catch up on her busy life & then there's the quality time I get to spend with Sloane, I mean, Kacey. And YES, I am pumped to see Kim's new Ugg boots. I miss you Kim. Come home.

4. A new line from TPC called Deck the Halls has arrived. The paper is so traditional. There are matching stickers, rhinestones & rub-ons. And lots of these papers are foiled/glittered/die-cut.

5. Yesterday I had 2 Chai Lattes. That's an indulgence.

6. I had time to clean my car this week. Inside & out. And it looks good. Who doesn't love a clean car? Really though, isn't it one of your favourite things?

7. Brian has promised to put up Christmas lights while I am gone away this weekend. I hope he doesn't get carried away... he can be a bit of a Clark Griswold if I let him. One time he started his parents roof on fire (true story!)

8. Oooh. I got a free CD from Starbucks when I bought some stuff this week. It has the Redemption Song sang by John Legend on it. It's un-freakin-believable. I just love Starbucks. They account for about 5% of my Christmas spirit. Is that wrong?

9. Vinyl Cafe is only a week away! (This is a Ross family tradition!) Stuart Mclean, I love you. You make me so happy.
If you've never heard of this absolutely heart warming radio show, then go to It truly is a Canadian treasure. Or subscribe to their free pod casts (like I do!)

10. My Christmas Cards (from Heritage Makers) have been ordered. Can't wait for them to get here! There's still time to do yours, go to . Choose a template & you'll be done in no time!

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Amber said...

Yeah, Haley! I'm so glad you liked the spotlight!