Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just spoke with Todd from My Minds Eye about our November event, the Weekend To Unwind. If you weren't excited before... (Who are we kidding? Of course you were!) you will be now. My Minds Eye is sending us a boat load (or a box load) of prizes for our event. And they have also ensured we will have the two new releases before anyone else! Not bad for our little shoppe in Okotoks! (Pssst. I hear one of the new releases is all done on kraft paper! Woohoo!).

In other exciting news, Trisha Ladouceur, our MME teacher for the event has offered up some goods of her own (hells yeah!). If you register for the Weekend Pass ($210, all classes, crop & cocktail party included) you will be entered to win a prize valued at $100! And I've seen pictures of Trisha's stash, so let me tell you, this is going to be something you WANT to win. (If you've already bought the weekend pass, your name is in the "hat".)

Let's Recap:
There will be LOTS of prizes to be won at the
Weekend To Unwind
There are still spaces available*, so check out details by clicking on the flyer below.

* As of 11:30am, September 16th, 2009.

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Scrapamum said...

I'm so sad that I'm not in Okotoks anymore to come to this amazing event. I hope everyone has fun!