Thursday, September 3, 2009

Venting.... Hey, It's my Blog.

Remember this cat? I had this poster in my room when I was little. On the poster it said "Bad Day?". Anyway, I think I ordered it from a Scholastic Book Order when I was 12, back then I had no idea what a truly bad day was.
Today was a bad day.
Before I go on, I should say that everyone is healthy. And so, this is a superficial bad day & I know in a year, maybe less, I won't even remember it.
Pick a day. Any day. And then close my bank on that day. Honestly, it probably won't affect me. There's usually not too much that can't wait until tomorrow.
Pick a day. Any day. And "temporarily" make my email account "unavailable" to me. No big deal. I have Facebook & a phone. I will survive.
Today the BMO in Okotoks "crashed" & was closed.
Today my business email address was "temporarily unavailable" for 8 hours (so far)!
Today I needed, NEEDED a couple things to happen.
I needed to lock down a deal so I can make the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I have been talking about. The one I was HOPING to announce on August 30th.
I needed to email a contract to someone.
I needed to write pay cheques to my staff.
I needed to make a deposit so I could pay my store's rent.
And there are some other things..... I needed to happen.
And without going into any financial details, those things could only happen at the Okotoks branch or through email, so those things didn't happen.
So I started to cry. Maybe it's pregnancy. Maybe I'm just dramatic (you think?).
So my Husband picked me up to go to lunch. And he reminded me that everyone was alive & kicking. That most people are understanding. And that stressing out, well that's good for nothing. And just like that I feel better.
On a side note: Congrats to Kacey Browning (well, the whole Browning Family really). Kacey had a baby girl who they named Sloane (LOVE IT!). She is gorgeous. Mom is well. I am jealous.


rhondasapsford said...

Pregnancy... Really, did I miss that big announcement?

Lee-Anne said...

Awww. Sorry you had such a bad day. It's always comforting to know that tomorrow is a new day. Hang in there.

Carol T said...

When I was pregnant, I cried for 4 hours because I dropped an egg off the counter. I sympathize. And I'm laughing that you, too, ordered posters from Scholastic (I had River Phoenix on my wall!).

Martha said...

That sucks you had such a bad day. You aren't alone. It's good to vent and even better to remember that it could have been worse. Husbands come in handy sometimes for that. Kudos to Brian for helping you out of your funk. Sending good energy.

Kacey said...

you can link me now...
sorry you had a bad day!