Tuesday, September 8, 2009

10 Randoms

I'm back on board with the Weekly 10's. I fell off over the summer (shocker!).

10 moments of wishful thinking….

1. I wish one of my best friends, Juliana lived closer. As in, next door. Before Miles it seemed like Summerland wasn’t that far, we’ve been there twice so far this year & that’s not nearly enough. I wish I had her next door so I had someone to grocery shop with, watch TV shows with, bake Banana Bread for & call at midnight if I can’t sleep & want to sip on a glass of wine (Jules would be over in a heart beat. And with good wine in tow).
2. I wish the economy would recover. I wish everyone’s investments would at least return to the state they were in in 2005. It’d be good for my store (Scrapbooking seems to be the first thing to get axed from the family budget. Fair enough.) but it’d also be good for Brian. He hates working two jobs. And I hate him working 2 jobs. I keep hearing the recession is over. I have yet to see that. And I want my husband back.
3. I wish I was 15 lbs. lighter. But I guess now that I am pregnant I should set that wish on a shelf until the spring.
4. I wish Brian had the time to finish our ensuite bathroom. We bought the stuff to do it over a year ago. And it’s just never been a priority. As a secondary wish, I wish the bathroom could be finished without creating ANY drywall dust whatsoever.
5. I wish Mondays were the day everyone just scrapbooked. No other worries, just time to reflect on your past week, and scrapbook. PS. Sundays would also be a mandatory family day if I had my way.
6. I wish winter were only December & January. Just around for Christmas. But it could stay all year in the mountains, so I could get my fill (and ski!) if I needed to.
7. I wish there was someplace magical in my ceiling to keep all of my small kitchen appliances. I’d like to buy a food processor but I can’t imagine trying to fit anything else into my cupboards & my counters are full!
8. I wish I’d open up the dryer to suddenly discover all of the “other” socks. You know, the ones that mysteriously disappear. Then I’d sit & watch So You Think You Can Dance reruns while I paired all the socks. Honestly, that would make me so happy.
(the devil in disguise)
9. I wish Miles wasn’t pulling everything out of my purse while I sit here typing this. I hope he doesn’t get my wallet open.
10. I wish I had to time to actually stop at one of those U PICK ‘em places. I want to find one that grows peas. I love peas straight from the garden. But I only ever see those places when I am in a hurry, headed somewhere on the highway.


Lee-Anne said...

Love the list Haley. It inspired me to do one of my own.

Martha said...

Great list Haley. What a cutie in that pic.

P.S. You could have popped into my place and picked some peas.

Tasha said...

Ok, this is so funny that this is your list today! Re: the socks--see my facebook name. Re: the kitchen ceiling storage--I was just thinking the same thing (and I mean, just. Literally right before I read your post). I was thinking, maybe I should move the food processor/griddler/waffle iron/bread machine my parents left here when they moved out 5 years ago and I haven't used/the 5 or 6 three ft tall vases I seem to own/trays into the hall closet on the top shelf, seeing as how I have NO more space in my pantry/cupboards/counters. re: 15 pounds lighter. Me too. And I want to be there by my birthday! Likely not happening, although I don't have an excuse. (Unless we count needing to eat because of nursing. Lets do that.) Re: winter. ME TOO. I could even take a little in November and possibly into Feb, if it would instantly turn to spring mid-month. But it is cruel punishment to have every Halloween be snowy, and seriously, when we are still having frost warnings in May, I am ready to lose it.

Tasha said...

Oh yes, and the playing with your purse. Hannah's favorite thing to do is empty my wallet, she loves playing with credit cards (probably a bad sign). She dumped my purse out on the floor in Jeff's office today, so that was fun.

kaly said...

Love the list, Haley! I have some of the same wishes, and now I'm thinking I should list-lift you and do one of my own!

kaly said...

I was just reading somewhere about a tip for keeping all your socks together! I think it would especially work for all those tiny kids socks. Hang a laundry mesh (delicates) bag on your hamper and stick all socks in there. Then when you put them in the wash, they all stick together and come out together! You'll never lose another sock again!
I'm sure you could try this with adult socks too, but it might be to big of a bag.
Let me know if you try it!

kaly said...

TOO big of a bag.

I hate when I make spelling mistakes!