Monday, May 10, 2010

10 Randoms

10 Updates from the First 10 days of May
1. National Scrapbook Day was May 1st. I spend it at the LDS Church in High River where Kacey organised a day-long crop. I had such a great time catching up with everyone & meeting some new people as well. I only did 5 layouts (I'll post them soon) but I learned the recipe for a new bean dip, picked my next two sewing projects out of a book Kaly lent me & ate a lot of junk food!
2. I went to an Italian wine tasting at Willow Park with my Sister-In-Law Lindsay. She bought the tickets & then took me out for a night on the town afterward. I took my camera to the bar that night (below) and managed to get some fabulous (ha!) self portraits. Thanks Linds. What... a night out.
3. I spent $375 on groceries on the weekend. It seems as though everything ran out at once... I hate buying the staples (honey, ketchup, Parmesan cheese). I hit up Costco, Sobeys, Superstore, Safeway & even WalMart (ew).
4. Miles choked. And I freaked out. I was driving and had given him some Smarties because we had been sitting on Deerfoot (someone rolled their truck) for over an hour. I finally took an early exit to get gas & thought he deserved a treat. 10 minutes later I am pulling over on the grass median on Macleod Trail. I ran around the car and unbuckled him... I'm pretty sure I was screaming the whole time (drama!) and I threw him over my knee & started smacking his back. The Smartie flew out & he started puking. I drove home (singing to him the whole way so he would calm down) in a daze. WORST 10 minutes of my life.

5. I got news that my friend Kate from Australia is coming to stay with us for a week. She arrives tomorrow. Well, since Molly arrived, our small 3 bedroom bungalow has been...errr...cozy. So I moved around the furniture in Mollys room to squeeze in a single bed (below). It looks so cozy, I wanted to sleep in it myself! I hope Kate can sleep with the bright orange walls!
6. Yesterday was Mothers Day! And it's even hard for me to believe that I am a mom. And of two! I woke up to Miles who took me out onto the deck to show me the new lounge chair they had bought for me! And a new book (Bedwetter by Sarah Silverman). We went to Brians mom's for Breakfast & then met my family at Fish Creek for a BBQ. It was a great day.
7. I watched Toy Story. Over & over. Miles is obsessed. And we go nowhere with out Woody. Ever.
8. Kim's daughter turned 5! It is weird to think that Kim has a 5 year old (she hardly seems old enough.... or mature enough! Burn!) We went to Playtopia & by the end of the day we had all crawled into the ball pit for a photo op. Why do I let myself get talked into these things? I think the kids were thinking "These mommies are crazy!"

9. I bought Miles some swim toys for the lake. Which I know he won't be able to use until July, but I am so excited that summer is just around the corner.
10. I celebrated May 4th by saying to people "May the fourth be with you.". Because I am geeky like that :)


Kimberly said...

you are geeky... and that was a well played burn.

Aaryn said...

I love your #10 :) Awesome. I wish I had thought of that.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

LOL I'm just as geeky but what is more pathetic is that I had to explain it to my husband! Can't believe that ... Star Wars fan my ass :)

Glad to hear Miles is ok ... that was scary just reading it. Guess that means smarties are off the snack list?!

Can't wait to see your layouts see as I missed looking at them on NSD.