Sunday, January 10, 2010


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I've spent the past three weeks crying & laughing. And trying to really evaluate what I want in my life. Here's what I decided:
I want to watch Miles & Bean grow up.
I love Michelle (our Day Home Mom) but I am seething with jealousy when I pick up Miles and he is so happy because he just went tobogganing or to the spray park. I want to take him. Or at least have the option.
I want to be mentally & physically healthy.
And I haven't been. But I will be.
I want to have enough energy to support my husband.
The store has been draining me. And it's taking it's tolls. Brian has goals that he would like to reach. I want him to see those materialize. I want that more than I want to work on my balancing act ;)
I want to have "friendships".
I've realised how important these are to me. And I need time to create & savour them.
I want to take control of my home.
Finish reno's we started 4 years ago. Clean my pantry. Paint my bathroom. And then be around long enough to enjoy the "peace".


Tasha said...

I am proud of you!

Lee-Anne said...

Enjoy your new journey. You will love it!

Paula said...

Haley-Baby! A great big hug to you . . . I will miss my "Favourite store in the whole world!" and I will miss you. Please, let's stay in touch. There can always be another store in your future, but your wee ones will only be wee such a little time. You are a wise Momma . . . and brave . . . and smart . . . and creative . . . You are soooo loved! Blessings.

Christy Riopel said...

Hey Babe..It will sad to see you close but I am so happy for you...I have had to make a similar choice in my life ( when Ash was little I sold my Interior Design business) and I have never regretted it ( I did cry for two weeks straight) Change is good and from change comes growth and all good things. You are an amazing person and the scrapbooking world was a better place because of you. Give it some time and who knows where you will end up next!

Starr Mercer said...

It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know you thru scrapbooking over the years! I can appreciate the decision you have made (even though I loved the store)...being a stay at home mom is so rewarding. Good luck and keep in touch! PS: We have bean #3 on the way this summer...might need your expertice in the maternity clothes dept soon!