Tuesday, July 13, 2010

10 Randoms

Because wine is on my mind (we spent last week in BC) here are my 10 Randoms for the week

10 Canadian Wineries I Just Love (Right Now).

1. Megalomaniac's. I am addicted to their Bravado. It's a big ol' wine with lots to offer. My sister-in-law was lovely enough to share her bottle of Vainglorious Merlot with me & my father-in-law got me a couple bottles this Christmas. I've also tried the Son-of-a-bitch Pinot Noir & Narcissistic Riesling. You can order their wine online, find it at select retailers (reallly select) & Vintage Steakhouse (on 11th) has the Bravado on their list for a cool $96.

I love the marketing concept behind this label. The bottles are eye-catching (above) and what's even better is that the wine inside, is good enough to be in THAT cool of a bottle.

2. Organized Crime. I almost died when I saw a bottle of their Pinot Noir in a liquor store at Cross-Iron Mills. I had bought just one bottle when we were in Ontario & wanted more (they don't ship). Again, cool concept, but a concept is nothing if the wine isn't up to par. This wine is. If you like white, try their Riesling. And if you're in the Niagara area, stop by the small, but kitschy winery. The red Velvet curtains draped everywhere really create an atmosphere.

3. Dirty Laundry. My favourite winery on the moment. It's available at J.Webb by the farmers market in Calgary, but if you are in the Okanagan, stop in. They have a beautiful patio & the tasting are free (yea!). The marketing (can you tell I am obsessed with Marketing??) was brought to you by the same people who did Megalomaniacs. Well done. The story of scandal behind their name is fabulous. And the naked women hidden in the label is borderline trashy... but somehow, not. I like their WooWoo (a Gewurztraminer) and I am pumped to try the Bordello I bought... in 7 years of course.

4. Therapy. It was the labels that drew my attention to this wine, but the quality kept me coming back to it. At one time I took their Pinot Gris to any party where I knew there would be white wine drinkers. Brian & I had a romantic weekend at their Guesthouse last summer. We sat in their hot tub overlooking the lake & the sky was perfect. Also perfect? Their Super Ego. It was fabulous, a little pricey, but fabulous. I bought a bottle to crack open in a couple years & also a magnum that I intend to keep for a bit longer.

5. Laughing Stock. I first fell in love with a girl who worked in the winery. You could say I had a bit of a 'girl crush'. She was awesome, she lead us through all the wines, it was casual & I learned a lot. I bought a couple bottles & went home. Then I received an email that resulted in me buying a case of 2004 Portfolio. And lucky me, it turned out to be an award winner. It's amazing. And I've been pleased with the Portfolio's since. I also love their bottle. The ticker from the stock market on the day the grapes were picked encircles the bottle. Clever, non?

6. Lailey. I almost dont want to include this because they were such jerks. It was a stuck-up winery & I was uncomfortable the whole time. I don't claim to know everything about wine, but I know what I like. And I didn't like being treated like a 'peon'. That being said their Gamay- Zweigelt is fabulous.

7. Blasted Church. I could have put this one first. Or last. Because it is my favourite for the moment. Great concept, great wine, great people. I love everything about it. I am enjoying a bottle (glass) of Big Bang tonight & it goes down so easily.
8. Sumac Ridge. I love Champagne. But if it's a little out of your price range (you're looking at minimum $45 for a bottle FROM Champange) then Sumac Ridge is a nice option. I had their 'bubbly flight' this past week (and dark chocolate pate. mmmmmmmm.) and it was awesome. No wonder it was the bubbly that was chosen for the Gold Medalists to drink at the Olympics.

9. Township 7. I love them for so many reasons. The year I got married I headed out to the Okanagan to spend a week with my bestie (in lieu of a bachelorette party). Township 7 had just opened up a tasting room on the Naramata Bench. It was the first winery we stopped at & for some reason I bought THREE bottles of their Shiraz. I guess I must have loved it, but at the end of the day I couldn't figure out why they made the cut. Then the awards came piling in for this Shiraz, so I opened a bottle. Pure bliss. And I still ahve one bottle left.

PS. As far as service, these people are as nice as they come. While we were tasting the wine this week a couple walked in behind us. The lady pouring our wine said hello to them & they didn't hear. So she said 'Hello' again.... they looked surprised. "We say hello here." She said, and smiled. LOVE IT. It instantly makes you feel comfortable enough to ask questions, request tastings & spend a little money.

10. Marley Farms. A little fruit winery on Victoria Island. We went there on our Honeymoon & because of that, they make this list. The wine was good & the chickens (that wander the property) were even better. And I like the Rastafarian theme. It's a feel good place.

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Tasha said...

Where do you buy all your wine?

This is my sister's friend--she does the artwork for the labels (Erin Ross) she also does amazing paintings, check out the bottom link for those.