Thursday, July 22, 2010


I'm been whining & complaining about losing my scrapbook room since the moment it happened. I felt a little displaced. But I think I finally have things all set up in my new "space". It's not a room, just a corner of our living room. But I think I'll be happy there.

What I Love About My New Space
1. The cupboard doors are deceiving. I've always had all my 'gear' exposed on shelves. The doors hide my disorganization, keep little fingers out & the amount of stuff I really do have.
2. My computer is right there, for easy journaling access.
3. The window faces out onto a tree. My last window faced our neighbors busted siding. Much better.
4. It's easy to scrapbook with friends. Michelle was here today & it was easy to just move to the dinning room table. My scrapbook room was really only accommodating for one person.... so, come on over!


Kitchen Utensil said...

cute Haley!!!

Susan said...

love your space Haley!

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

That's great Haley, you have a scrapbook home now! Everything looks so organized!