Monday, September 12, 2011

Fall Feel-good

Yesterday was a fabulous day, today stinks. I'm in a rut (ok, only one day, but that's one too many). I could make a list of 10 things that are bugging me right now... but I am afraid that if I start I will hit 99 before I know it. No one needs that much negativity.

So in an effort to feel better I decided to decorate my house for Autumn. It's early but changing my home a little bit each season usually makes me happy. It worked today, for an hour or two.
There have been some big changes in my life over the summer. Some of them I am thrilled about, but some have made my heart a bit heavy. I am looking forward to Friday when I am off to scrapbook with some friends & can take my mind off of it all. It has been too long and I think this will be just what the doctor ordered. Maybe I'll even do some baking on Thursday in hopes that sugar will assist my creativity.

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

We must of been on the same wave length yesterday because I decorated too! I too thought it was a little early but whatever ... the weather seemed approriate. Please tell me that is a leaf garland from Michael's and that you didn't actually cut all those leaves out individually! If you did I don't think we can be friends ;)