Sunday, September 11, 2011

My my phyllo pie!

It's worth mentioning that I remember where I was 10 years ago today. I had come 'home' from College for the weekend. I rarely came home, but I guess I just knew I was burning out. My relationships weren't good, my health wasn't great & I missed my family. I fell asleep on Mom & Dads couch & woke up just in time to see a plane fly into the second tower. Mom & I sat, stunned. Carmelle walked into the room and asked what movie we were watching. It was on this weekend that I had two revelations. #1 being that I will no longer expose myself to 24/7 coverage of any tragic news story. It just isn't good for the soul. And #2, I wanted to be closer to the people I loved.
The decisions I made based on those two revelations play a big part in where I am 10 years later. Without going into much detail about my choices and situation at the time, I can tell you that 10 years later, I am happier because of how the tragic events of September 11, 2001 impacted me (although I wish they could have come about another way).

Today I didn't watch the news. I can't. I prefer now to get my news through printed media. I have more control over the graphic details I am exposed to and I know this is healthier for me personally. So, while I know that the tributes and memorials can be uplifting, I decided to immerse myself in my family...the thing I am pretty sure most victims of September 11th would do if they had just one more day.

I went to church. And then I came home and sewed Molly a blanket for her 'baby'. It was flannel and minky, and I put the letter 'M' on it. I still have the little blanket my mom made for my doll, I think Molly will love this one just as much. I went for a bike ride with my husband and kids and we played at the park. And I cooked a delicious meal for my family. A spinach and feta phyllo pie and it turned out fabulously.
 Then we built a big fort in our living room with a sheet, brooms and hockey sticks. We (including Woody, a Dinosaur, Tabitha the Cabbage Patch, Cinderella & a Groovy Girl) cozied up to watch a movie.

 I lined up all the popcorn buckets. Brians, mine, Miles' and Mollys.....
 ... And Brian made popcorn with the WhirlyPop (and let me take his picture).

Sundays with my family are my favourite thing in the world but this one seemed extra juicy. Maybe because we appreciate our lives a little bit more on this day each year.... or maybe because I have so much I can appreciate.

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