Thursday, October 20, 2011

Falling short...

It's October 20th and I am beginning to realise that I won't meet the only goal I set for myself in 2011. The ONLY resolution I made. To read 24 books this year.
When I was making this goal, I was excited because I thought it was reasonable. In the past my resolutions have been nearly impossible to maintain. No sugar (phfa! That one last a day.) Lose 20lbs (Not impossible, just improbable). So I made a resolution that would be easy to keep in 2011. In 2010 I read about 20 books. Without trying. Without a goal to motivate me. As of today I have read 10 books in 2011. Putting me on track...if my goal were 50% less.

I could meet my goal. I really could. I could line up all the John Grishams and Sophie Kinsella books I could find. I could even read the Twilight series (not that there's anything wrong with that). But I want to read for the love of reading...and not to reach a goal.
So book #11 for me is Payback. And it was hard to get into at first but I am loving it. Let me share something with you that I thought was a little thought provoking.
All human technologies are extensions of the humans body and the human mind. Thus eyeglasses and telescopes and the images of television and film and painting are extension of the eye, the radio and telephone of the voice, the cane and crutch of the leg, and so on. Writing and written numbers are - among other things - extensions of the memory.

Makes you think, non? Anyway, just wanted to share that, but then became very aware of my unmet goal. It feels like in order to be successful in New Years Resolutions I will have to make mine 1. To Breathe. 2. To Love and 3. To Eat. Voila!

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