Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A psycho in love.

Tonight I finally got my grubby paws on some Cinder & Sage jewellery that I ordered and had my sister pick up for me. (My instagram photo doesn't do the pieces justice so make sure you go check out the page). In case you don't remember a while ago I lost one of my favourite custom-made pieces & I was in tears & hysteria until I found it 3 hours later. It was ridiculous. I was acting like a 3 year-old. I'm not proud of those 5 hours.

Anyway. Because I owned my own business, I appreciate a good-shout out. So here's mine: I love. love. love. love. Cinder & Sage. I love it in a psychotic way. Here's how I know that: A while ago, at the gym, someone complimented one of the pieces I was wearing. And this is what I said "Thanks! My friend Lindsay is a jewellery maker, her company is called Cinder & Sage." And then I proceeded to pull her business card out of my wallet & give it to the girl (who was working at the time). Doesn't sound psycho? Well, what if I told you that I don't know Linsday? She is my sisters friend, not mine. I've met her, but we aren't even Facebook friends. Also, I am the worlds worst sales woman (this was always a problem in my store) and I never feel comfortable telling people what I think they should buy let alone shove a business card in their hand. And yet, for some reason, I want people to discover C&S because it makes me so happy. So happy. In a super materialistic way. Happy. So I find myself going out on a limb to let people know about this cute little company. Anyway, a little while later while I was running on the treadmill (that's a lie, I wasn't running, I was stomping and panting, like a dog) I could see the staff on the computer at the front desk looking on the Cinder & Sage website. And I thought about all the stuff they might be able to order and I was ......... jealous.

Anyway, go support a local artisan. My (unbeknownst to her) 'friend' Lindsay and her beautiful work will be at Market Collective this weekend or you can order online. Now I am off to cruise Pinterest to try & figure out how to wear the hair comb I got. I though this comb might pull me out of my ponytail funk but now I am thinking I am just in over my head... My sisters are kind of girls who 'do' their hair, maybe I'll just show up at their house with my new comb.

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