Monday, February 5, 2007

My worst (favourite) enemy...

I use to love mini eggs ( I really still do.). But my in quest to loose weight, I find that this time of year (when the mini eggs are starting to bloom) everywhere I go I am forced to exercise my will power. In the line up at Petro Canada (while buying a bottle of flavourless water .....) they call to me. " Buy me. Eat me. I will make you happy." Yesterday at Sobeys, after filling my cart with whole grains, greens & lowfatness, I intentionally avoid the last two aisles (cookies, chips & pop). As I approach the check-out, there it stands, a bright purple pylon of chocolately goodness. Luckily the line up is not long, and I am not forced to pick a pillow-shaped package of heaven to read the calories.
Reading the calories can only be bad. If it says there are...oh say... 150 Calories per package, then I can have them all. Once. If I stay on the eliptical for an extra 20 minutes. ( But I know in my heart it will not be just once). If there are 350, then I can buy them and only eat, say, 5 mini eggs. And throw the rest away. Yes, I could do that. No. No I couldn't. I would eat them all, and INSTANTLY regret it. ( Probably as I finished chewing).
I almost wish someone would tell me (please....lie to me) that Mini Eggs were made by small children in a Cadbury sweat shop in Taiwan. Or, that for every pack of Mini Eggs you buy, George Bush recieves $1. Or that Mini Eggs is really a front for funding drug dealers in elementary schools.

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