Friday, February 9, 2007

Start your engines....

And then let them run awhile....
It's cold here. And there's no shortage of snow. If I weren't leaving to Las Vegas tomorrow, I'd be locking myself into my scrapbook room for the weekend.
The store has been very slow (maybe becuase of the bad roads?) since Ranger Day. I've gotten in some new items, but there's no one around to buy them :(
I am looking forward to Las Vegas. We are finally going to eat at Mon Ami Gabi (a restraunt we always walk by and say "mmm that smells good!".) It overlooks the Bellagio fountains from Paris. We also got tickets to go and see O by Cirque du Soleil on Valentines Day. That should be fun. I loved Mystere.
I'll take lots of pictures (we're at Treasure Island this time).

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