Monday, May 7, 2007

A funny story for Nena.

When my sister and I were little girls growing up in Jakarta, one of the only "junk" cereal mom could buy there was Frosted Flakes. I remember Kendra (my younger sister) came and sat down at the breakfast table one day (it must have been a weekend becuase that's the only time mom let us have sugary cereal) and said to me "Oh Haley, I am sooooo tired. I am so sleepy." And she faked a big yawn. Then said ( in her cute little 7 year old voice) " I bet if I had to run around this table I would be sooo slow beause I have NO energy." And she ran around the dinning room table slowly, all slumped over, making sure to yawn a couple times. Then she sat down across from me and she took two massive spoonfuls of cereal and shoved them into her mouth. Within seconds she said to me " Hey Haley, I bet I can run faster now. Wanna see?" And with that she took off running around the table, as fast as her legs would let her. " Wow. I have so much energy!" she said pretending to be out of breath. " This stuff really does bring out the tiger in you!"
I don't know why I remember this. But I just thought of it again today, and I think I am going to scrapbook it. Watch here for the layout. (This will be a challenge as I have no pictures of that day).

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