Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Instead of 10 Randoms...

I was lucky enough to squeeze in one more retreat before the arrival of Bean (that's what we've been calling this baby). I was tired and whiny. I was uncomfortable & sick. And I only got 11 layouts done... I usually get at least 20 completed. Nonetheless, I had fun. And as a tribute, here are
10 People Who Made My Weekend
1. Kim. She organizes these weekends. A thankless job. So Thank You Kim. I deserve & depend on these weekend for my sanity... therefore you can truthfully tell people you have saved my life.
2. Tara. Even though she was seriously encroaching on my space this weekend, I like sitting next to her. She doesn't make a huge fuss over every detail in her layouts which makes it much more relaxing. Also, she showers & does her hair, which reminds me to do the same...
3. Sloane. She smells so good. And she is such a good baby... being around her gets me excited about our next little addition.
4. Anna. Um. I love scrapbookers who love to share scrapbook stuff. Anna has more ribbon than anyone I have ever seen. And it cracks me up because she is always right there offering it up. Twice this weekend I dipped into that ribbon supply. Oh & Anna likes to over-embellish. Which I love.
5. Shannon. Who spends a bit of her weekend trying to talk Anna out of over-embellishing. Shannon is a really good scrapbooker, but doesn't draw any attention to her layouts (unlike me, who makes an announcement every time I finish) so when I walk by & see her current project I am always shocked. She is really good. I loved loved loved her raspberry layout this weekend.
6. Kim S. It kills me the things Kim says in order to avoid swearing. "Craps & Giggles"? Come on! I love it. And if that's not a good enough reason to scrapbook with someone? Well, Kim has about 1,000 Cricut cartridges.
7. Brian. Who made it possible for me to go in the first place.
8. Kacey. Kacey scrapbooks like me. Simple & quick. This girl makes progress. She pumped out a really decent layout that I am planning on ripping off. I like Kacey, but, she did something very very sneaky. Warning: It's not over until the fat lady sings. And I am not singing.
9. The chef (who also happens to be someone who irons our pillowcases to make everything perfect!). And who shall remain nameless.... She whipped up some pretty arse kickin' meals. There's no way I would have eaten, Pork Roast in a berry reduction, crab stuffed potatoes & other Martha Stewart-y foods if I had stayed home this weekend. And the salads...oh the salads!
10. The "Oh My______" lady. Yeah. Because everyone needs to be brought back down to earth sometimes with an insult from a random stranger. Thanks, it gave me something to laugh about on the way home :)


Kimberly said...

you are welcome... and all of those people made my weekend too... well... except for Brian. Substitute Grant and I shall copy it word for word.

Anonymous said...

You know dang right it was an awesome weekend!! I had a great time! and it is only 999 cartridges!!

Shannon said...

That chef is an amazing person. I love the sound of those dishes. The ironing of pillowcases made me giggle, but don't forget excessive vaccuuming too!