Sunday, June 6, 2010

10 Randoms.

I love weekends. Seems obvious huh? Most people like weekends. I love them.
10 Ways I Spent My Weekend
1. In the sun. Today we had breakfast on our deck & it was beautiful out there. (By 'breakfast' I mean 'Brunch', it was 2pm by the time we ate).

(Molly relaxing without any harmful UV rays that I am so addicted to.)

2. Ordering a cake from Marble Slab Creamery for Miles' 2nd Birthday. Brian won a free cake certificate in his last hockey tournament. Awesome. Now I don't have to make one (or feel bad about not making one) or pay for one.

3. At the Rusty Cage until 3am. I had such a great time celebrating my sister Kendra's 26th Birthday. I danced, drank, danced & even drank.

4. Cleaning..... our new-to-us Tent Trailer! Best time I've had cleaning in a long time... Brian & I got a new Tent Trailer this week. We are so pumped & we have 2 camping trips already scheduled!

5. Making Lists. Of things I need to buy to put in our new Trailer. I actually have a lot of camping stuff already (including my mom's vintage Tupperware dishes) but it was fun to head out to Superstore & load up on new things to fill it up!

6. Drinking Big Rock Lime beer in the Tent Trailer.

7. Playing cards in the Tent Trailer.

8. Staying up late talking about all of the fun we are going to have in our new Tent Trailer.

9. At the grand opening of the new SPRAY PARK (!) in Okotoks. It was great. And it's fun to see kids having such a good time. There were kids of all ages there & none of them seemed to have a care in the world (even though it was only 16 degrees and the wind was a bit nippy). What a great place.
Hey, did I mention we got a Tent Trailer this weekend???

10. Working out. I have finally started again. I know I was given the "good to go" when Molly was 6 weeks old, but I just didn't have it in me. Now I do. Maybe it's that swimsuit season is looming or maybe I just have a little more energy, either way, I gotta get this big butt in gear ;)

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

LOL. I know exactly what you mean about the tent trailer. We bought our tent trailer in February last year (I know who buys it in Feb right?) and we were so excited use it but apparently they don't recommend using them below -20C. And of course it was below that ... crazy I know that I was even considering camping but I wanted to play in my new trailer. So we set it up in our garage and ate and played board games. Lame I know but I completely understand the excitement!