Sunday, June 6, 2010


Brian & I use to go to Just For Laughs (Juste por rire)in Montreal every year. We have seen some fabulous comedians. Fabulous. Some of my past favourites include Lewis Black, Russell Peters, John Pinette, Debra DiGiovanni & Wayne Brady. I've also seen some highly over rated acts like Tim Allen (who was horrible) and Emo Phillips (Whaaaat?). My absolute favourite is when you discover a comedian who is just getting started. We were lucky enough to see Dane Cook before he was HUGE. In fact, I had to order his CD on his website as it wasn't available anywhere yet... Anyway, when I see skits from Just For Laughs I always miss our annual trips (which we haven't done since having kids). Tonight I saw this guy:
Arj Barker. Love him & so wish I had seen him live.
"I don't like Humans at all, I think we're the worst."
That kills me. I love & appreciate a comedian who can find 'funny' in the everyday. I think anyone can made Sex, Drugs & Alcohol funny. Big deal. And complaining about the opposite sex seems like a "gimmie" as well. But I think someone is genius when they can make you laugh while discussing the Solar System or the Kool-Aid man. I'm also not easily offended (hence my love of all things Chelsea Handler & Sarah Silverman). That being said, bad comedy can be offensive on it's own. Good comedy.... there's nothing better.
"There's like 150 people on Google a day."

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