Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Randoms

Brian & I celebrated our 4 year anniversary by heading out on a hike. We did a 6km hike that one of the most strenuous I have ever done. I had lost my breath about 1km in & I knew I was in trouble. I did it! And I couldn't have done it without him there! It's a little symbolic...
10 Things That Work For US
1. Ask & you shall receive is our mantra. All I have to do is ask Brian to do something around the house & he does it. I know (and so does he), that you have to verbalize it. I can't be mad if I had 'hoped' he would clean the magazines piled on the stairs, but didn't.

2. We do 'stuff' together. We hike, kayak, go to Wino club, travel.... and once in a while, I'll even play Wii with him. I like doing things with Brian. I like spending time with him.

3. We also give each other time apart. Brian goes to hockey games, plays hockey, golfs & I scrapbook. And I appreciate my time away enough to know that Brian needs his too. I can't imagine marrying a loser who had no hobbies...

4. We don't believe "Love means never having to say you're sorry." That's crap. If I am sorry, I say it. And if Brian owes me an apology I get one.

5. We NEVER say things we don't mean. We have some friends who say awful things to each other when they fight. And then they say 'sorry' and it's all good for them. For me, I can't unhear words (is that a word?) they would stay with me. So lucky for me, Brian doesn't call me names or tell me he hates me when we fight.

6. Brian gets me. And I come with baggage. I guess that's just pure luck on my part.

7. We like the same shows. If we're going to spend time watching TV we can do it together. Although I get bored of TSN easily we usually plunk down & watch Modern Family, The Office or Jersey Shore (!) together. My favourite show is SNL but Brian can't stay up past 11 :)

8. I like the junk in his trunk.

9. We have our own cars. If I had to share a car with Brian we'd be divorced in 14 days, maybe less. I have a clean car. Brian, well, let's just say Brian has a car.

10. We'd rather be with our kids. Of course we appreciate a night without them, but most of the time we both want them around. Even yesterday we were talking about how much Miles would love the view from the top, the squirrels & the rocks to climb on.

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