Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I feel lucky.

I was going to be induced on March 17th last year when I was pregnant with Molly. But she had other plans... So the boys never got to wear their shirts to the hospital (my cheesy plan that Brian was willing to go along with only because I was so very pregnant). Instead St.Patricks day was the day we brought sweet Molly (an Irish name, by the way) home & I got to snap this picture of my new family in their green glory!
In honor of St.Paddy's Day...
10 Things That Make me Feel Lucky
1. Finding money in a seasonal jacket.
2. Searching through a million recipes online, choosing one & having it work out. I have gotten so many dud recipes online, I feel lucky when I pick a winner.
3. When Miles says "Mommy, I have to pee." and we're near a washroom. This potty training is tuff stuff.
4. Getting to spend time with my family.
5. When I drop something glass but am able to use my foot to soften the fall & it doesn't break. It hurts, but I always feel lucky.
6. When I sit down to clean my scrapbook desk & end up getting inspired & popping out a layout.
7. When something goes through the cash register cheaper than I initially thought. (And yes, I always let the cashier know...)
8. When I get the 'free drink if you complete a survey' receipt at Starbucks. Heck yes I drive right home & fill it out. I also do the ones from The Gap. If there's an incentive, I am all over it!
9. When Brian sits down on the couch and starts massaging my feet without being asked. Score!
10. When I am able to snap a picture of both my kids looking at the camera & smiling.

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