Friday, March 18, 2011

Layout #228

Popular Guy by Haley Ross
I started scrapbooking in 2002. Rub-ons hadn't hit the scene. In 2003 I went to Australia for a year & when I got back I was so excited to scrapbook the 900 pictures I took on my trip. While I was gone 2 things happened that changed scrapbooking, in a big way. 1. All the new cameras in the stores were digital. I had taken the last film camera I will probably ever own to Australia. 2. Rub-Ons happened. And the first ones I ever bought were at scrapbookers paradise in the 50% section (At the time, they were regular $12 and I bought two packs, which was a big splurge for me back then,). Why am I telling you this? Because those exact rub-ons are on this layout. I never opened the packs I bought. They are a weird color & I think I only bought them because they were on sale. If you had told me then I would use them 7 years later on a layout about my first child, I would have laughed. Back then I used everything I bought right away & I had no 'stash'. I guess that was the beginning. The beginning of my 'stash' that I still dip into, 7 years later.
Materials: Cardstock: Worldwin; Patterned Paper & Sticker: K&Co; Rub-Ons; Creative Imaginations.

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