Thursday, July 19, 2012


The way I take on projects.... you'd think I have nothing else to do. That is not the case. This week I have been running around doing errands for my SILs wedding and prepping for the bridal shower I am throwing her on Sunday.

So last night, Lindsay & I went out to the Okotoks Salvage Center to look for mason jars & I spotted this chair. Gorgeous shape. And this morning, I was still thinking about it, so I made it mine. And it was only $3.30. Lovely.

Isn't it ugly?

Step one: Sand it down! I used Brian's 'mouse' which is the cutest power tool I have ever seen. And it's a slippery little sucker! It got away from me a couple times... but I recovered & uncovered a light blue layer of paint. I was originally deciding between robins eggs blue & grey, but when I was that it was originally blue, I decided she would like to be blue again. (Don't adjust your screen, I did just call the chair she. I do that. Especially on things I invest time or money into... It's childish, I hope my children never do it, but I do and cannot stop.) I had the paint lying around....really! I had bought it a couple months ago in the clearance area at Home Depot for only $1.00. 
FYI: That puts my grand total for this chair at $4.30 so far.

Now the first coat of Aegean Blue paint from Martha Stewart is on. And I can tell she is happy. Happy to be back in it's original state. 

I am going to peruse my fabric to see what I might have lying around to recover the cushion. I bet I can find something cute. And if not....well, isn't that the perfect excuse to head to the fabric store (this is where Brian cringes). 

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

OMG! Cutest chair! I love the shape of it and what a steal of a deal!