Sunday, July 8, 2012

It's About Time...

When I had my own business I was obsessive about my planner. If I found myself out without it, I went home to get it. If I lost it for even a minute, I panicked. Brian had suggested that maybe I wean myself off of it, that relying on something to much wasn't healthy. I heard his opinion & went at least 6 more months before I was able to be without it.

And then 3 years passed. 

Yesterday I bought a planner again (it's cute right?). I have been forgetting things again lately, and the anxiety I felt without my planner is nothing compare to the anxiety I felt when the Alberta Children's Hospital called to reschedule Molly's surgical consult, which I had completely forgotten about. How on earth does one forget something so important? I've also forgotten other important things in the past couple of months; a Doctors appointment, a physiotherapy appointment, that a babysitter was coming over to give me a much need break (seriously???) and a volunteer meeting for the Calgary Folk Festival. And all of these things were written on my calendar. And all of them I just 100% forgot. And that doesn't even begin to touch on numerous things I have forgotten to pick up, drop off & do for other people. My integrity is taking a beating.

So here it is: The Return of the Planner. And hopefully it isn't accompanied by the return of neurotic Haley. But I had no choice, the fridge calendar wasn't cutting it. 

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Jennifer DeWolfe said...

I miss my days of "The Organizer", the last one was in college :)

Hopefully this means I can schedule scrap dates waaaayyyyy in the future :)