Monday, August 27, 2012

J + L

My sister-in-law got married this weekend to a man she met at my wedding. Pretty cool right?
The picture of the rocks (above) is one she took & gave out as a favour at her wedding. I love it. This morning I woke up to some wedding pictures that were shared of Facebook, it was exciting to look at them. But I am especially excited to see the pictures from Julie Williams the photographer that Lindsay hired. She carried herself with such a peaceful & patient air, I think I might need someone like her as a life coach. Speaking of life....

The greatest thing about life is that, if you are open to it, you will never stop learning. I learned a lot this weekend. About the kinda' girl I am.

Little Lessons

Mostly meatless is for me - After a weekend of hamburgers & hotdogs (besides the reception dinner which was lovely) I am looking forward to a veggie-filled week. Because I only ever eat meat on weekends or when eating out, the diet from the past 4 days put me into some sort of a slugish meat-coma. I look forward to coming out of it.

I love my sisters - Ok, this should probably be under big lessons... But their actions this weekend were a little reminder to me of how lucky I am. Thank you so much to all four of them; Kendra, Carmelle, Missy & Maggie for making it so I didn't have to worry about my kids on Saturday. I love you all so much I could die.

Never share lipgloss - I have never ever in my entire life had a cold-sore. This weekend I shared lipgloss & had my makeup done. And this morning I woke up with my first cold sore. I am 31. I should know better.

Big Lessons.

Miles & Molly are my only children - So I need to stop trying to 'mother' everyone else around me. This weekend I decided (early on) to enjoy myself. That meant having to let go when people didn't clean up their sites at night (in bear country!), shutting my mouth when things weren't running on time & standing back when people were doing things that weren't safe. It is hard. I have never been a head-out-into-the-bushes-and-be-reckless kinda' girl. I am a planning-safetyfirst-kinda' girl who cleans up after herself, values her possessions & is all too realistic about this fleeting life. It was hard. Harder that I though it would be.

Family is everything - This weekend I watched someone's heart break. And it can't be undone. The statement that is made when you let someone down on a day that is so important to them is everlasting. It doesn't matter what the status of the relationship is, because with family, it's not just about one relationship, it's about a web of relationships. And the chain reaction that your actions can create. A careless, thoughtless, heartless action will disrupt the whole family 'web'. It sends a message to the entire web about how you view or value your family relationships. I am & will always be the kinda' girl who will show up & support my family. Just try & stop me.

Live Happily Ever After - Maybe it's because I have a husband who dances with me, cuts up the kids food when I am not around & tells me I look beautiful? No. It's because in return I remember to pack him Baileys for his coffee (which I don't drink), let him go home and get a good sleep & don't yell at him for chopping wood in his sandals (oh wait, I did that). Either way, watching J+L get married this way was the perfect was to celebrate our 6 year anniversary. It honestly just gets better every year, not easier, but somehow better. I am insanely happy to be married to Brian. It was good to remember that. 

Congratulations Justin & Lindsay. Live Happily Ever After...

*** I just found out that it is highly unlikely that I got the cold sore from lipstick & already have a breakout. It is more likely that I have hd it in my glands for a very long time with no breakout. Huh. I obviously don't know anything about cold sores & sooo didn't think that other people who used the same lipgloss were a dirty bunch. Apparently they are stress induced. That makes muuuuch more sense.

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