Friday, August 31, 2012

She still has these.

In the 70's, before I was born, my mom sold Tupperware. Everything she bought for herself came in four gorgeous (ha!) 70's colours with names like Harvest Gold & Avocado Green. She must have stocked up because to this day, that 70's colour scheme Tupperware can be found in several Hopaluk venues. I have some in my trailer (below), I some how inherited the mugs, stackable cups & plates. Those exact same pieces also live on in the toy box at the cabin in smaller versions for my kids to play with. They love to pour drinks with the tiny little orange pitcher. 

Its not that my mom is a hoarder, she isn't. But she did buy quality items that she took care of and it worries me that that way of thinking isn't very popular anymore. But it was this attitude that makes our cabin somewhat of an awesome time-warp. There are old green towels (so soft) and kitschy vintage bedsheets (soooooooo soft). Today everything is 'disposable' & so doesn't require the investment of taking care. I disagree. Which is why I have always been a sucker for Tupperware. And maybe because just seeing the word reminds me of my mom & her kitchen. Anyway, long-story short (as if) I decided it was time for me to invest in some Tupperware. And wouldn't you know, once i looked into it, I decided it would be cheaper for me to sign up to sell it.

You're shocked. Because I detest direct sales (for no good reason, I just do) and often say so. And I think I still do. I can't imagine ever throwing/hosting a 'party', heck I do my best to avoid getting invited to them. So this will be the last that you hear of it (on my blog anyway), but it would be weird if I didn't at least blog about the fact that I 'enlisted'. If you need Tupperware, I will hook you up because I love the stuff. My mom however won't be taking advantage of my Tupperware hook-up, she's still fully stocked from the 70's.

The only way to get rid of Tupperware is to loose it*.

*When we were little my mom would often say, as we grabbed our lunches and headed out the door, "Don't forget to bring your Tupperware home!".

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kaly said...

I can totally relate to the Mom thing. And now, Andy is absolutely prohibited from taking Tupperware to work. It happened after he brought home a lovely, almost new bowl which had been used for bbgun target practice by the guys at work. For real. So now he gets the cheap stuff. It also didn't help his cause that I found a bunch of my Tupperware with rotting food in boxes in his "shop" garage. men.