Friday, October 12, 2012

Not busy, but occupied.

I dislike the word busy. I've said it before, I know. But it's a smug word. And I don't like to use it.
But then what word do I use for those days, when I really, truly am just that? Occupied? It sounds like I am in an airplane bathroom. Consumed? Well that just sounds like it's out of my control. When in fact it isn't. I have been very busy these past couple days, but at my own hand. Something about the fall is motivating to me. Maybe it's that we are spending more time indoors, but it prompts me to get things done & find projects for myself.

For FUN I am working on making a cute felted garland that I saw on Pinterest (above). It is actually easier (albeit more time consuming & costly) than I thought. It is going to look sooo cute when it's done, it will be worth the effort. 

Out off NECESSITY I am doing a 'deep clean' on my house, cooking with new ingredients (soba noodles!) and attacking the mountains of kids clothing that are taking over my laundry room.

Pretty soon I will sink into the sadness of winter (I mean, I'm not really sad, just more idle and missing summer) so I am trying to make the most of this phase. I will be productive again in the spring, until the busy adventure season of summer starts. I kind of like the dependability of seasons, knowing that in all the winter chaos ( January, February and March seem so long) I can look forward to emerging in the spring, in time to get cleaned up and ready for summer and then land back in autumn again.... where I prep myself for the long winter ahead. And I love it. I look forward to a day of making soup, perogies (new this year!) and  putting some elbow grease into my cleaning.

Happy Autumn Everymom!

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kaly said...

I know how you feel. I even recently made myself a weekly "chore" list because after summer, you just have to get down to it!

I love that you are planning on making perogies. My family makes a few hundred a few days before Christmas Eve so we can have them for our traditional Polish dinner. Love them.