Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
I spent the weekend at our cabin in Northern Saskatchewan.
We have fabulous sunsets up there ( This picture is taken from the dock that Brian and I got married on.) The kind of sunset that makes you so grateful to be alive....
On October 15th the Instant Album is a little fold-out box book featuring things you are grateful for. For me, Turtle Lake sunsets will definitely be included.
Other things I am Grateful for (in no particular order):
My Health. I may be a bit out of shape, but I can walk, skip, jump & sing. And I can spend a day loading firewood with my family.
My Family. Mom & Dad. Always so supportive. Kendra & Carmelle. Also Ryan McGee, Kendra's new guy, who bought us over with his great sense of humor. And Jack Maclellan, who we missed this weekend, even though with text messaging, it was like he was right there. Koho, Boneka & Mollie. And finally, the Ross crew. I just love them all.
My Home. Even in it's current condition ( an unpainted railing, old front door & unfinished projects lurking at every turn). It's prefect for me. The size, the colors, the coziness.
Brian. I love him. And he loves me. And the rest is my secret.
My Store. Stressful at times. But I get to do what I love, and I have wonderful people who support me. And I have made some wonderful friends because of Sheep River Scrapbook Co.
Scrapbooking. Different than #5 in many ways. I am grateful that I still love it. And only wish I had more time for it. I realize what an important part of my life it is.

Start thinking of things you are Grateful for..... Take pictures & sign up for Instant Album.

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Wife2TJ said...

Happy Thanksgiving!!! (even though I'm late)