Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Town, Part 2

I am so excited for Part 2 of the My Town class tonight. My photos turned out great!

For those of you who missed out, you should be very jealous. In the first part of the class, we went to several locations around town & took pictures with Arlee Sebryk (our resident photographer!). We hit up the Sheep River, the old Post Office, the Ginger Tea House & a couple other great sites. And we hit the Jackpot when we heard a train coming over the bridge at our last location. Like a maniac, I ran all the way to the bridge (which turned out to be totally unnecessary and ruined a perfectly good pair of sneakers!). I'm so happy with the shots I will likely frame my fav. one for my home. In Part Two of the class, we will be making a double-paged layout with our pictures! Can't wait!

JoAnn Gilbert, Lee-Anne Thornton, Michelle "MSG" Gier & Myself.

Thanks ladies! I had a great time (attending one of my own classes!) & the Starbucks Hot Chocolate was a perfect finish!

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